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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Topps and the found football license?

Many months ago we were all buzzing over topps losing their football license. Honestly I wasn't too dismayed as that meant no more crappy bowman products, no triple crap, sterling, platinum and whatever else. On the downside we no longer had chrome and finest, two perinial favorites. Let me say this. I recognize that sterling and triple threads are most likely big money makers. I haven't seen a P and L sheet on them but that's my guess.

Now that UD has been unable to renew their license it looks like topps is going to get theirs back. I can't imagine the NFL missing out on that revenue stream or putting their eggs in one panini basket. The sad thing is UD did a fine job with their NFL license and we are losing SPA patch autos. The upside is that chrome and finest are back. The issue being whether topps can slam this puppy into gear in time to get product out the door. I see no reason why not.

Inimagine topps had 2010 base designs in the hopper and chrome is just a chromey version. Finest might be a bit toughe but because the premier has not occurred yet, there is plenty of time to get autos and jerseys. More good newsis that topps cleaned out their stores of stickers with magic, mayo, unique,chicle and base last year so we might even see more on card. Also fewer products because topps will have less time to get stuff done.

What I want to see from topps is base, chrome, finest, a non silvery sterling level product that is like premier of 2007-2008, mayo and perhaps a simple 56 topps baseball version of football. That's enough. No bowman crap, no kickoff. Here is how topps can deal with no kickoff. Just package 5 base cards and a topps attax card per pack and slap a .99 price tag on it. Then sell blasters that contain autos and jerseys for $15 dolla. They should do the same in baseball.

Topps can really reboot football here without pressure from UD. Allowing them to do what they need to do. Just some thoughts. Of course nothing has been announced ....yet. Now where is my resume?


cynicalbuddha said...

I think we can all agree that maybe it's time to revamp Bowman or put it back in its grave. Is anyone looking forward to Bowman Baseball? I know I'm not.

stusigpi said...

I for one haven't liked bowman for a while whether it be football or baseball, but the prospector guys in BB go apeshit over that crap. Not quite as much in FB. As I have said many times, there are guys that are still paying a ton for 2005 Bowchrome autos of guys that are now 28 and have yet to play in the MLB. The set is too big and there is too much junk for me.

Alex said...

It will be good to see Topps Back. Mayo was the best looking football set last year, and Unique, Platinum, Finest and Chrome were good too. Heck, I don't even mind the dreaded Triple Threads - even though I think it is overpriced.