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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Topps Chiclens and hot sauce

After the universal panning of the junk mock-ups that Topps released for Chicle, the suspect was released today and society has some mixed emotions. All the scans are stolen from the blowout 6 box break postlinked below.

Here are some blowout breaks here, here, and here. If you read some of the comments, people hate them, love them and are unsure of Chicle.

Here is my take:

The Base set: Looks better than the mockups. Although some of the drawings are just off. Its almost like the artist was 80% then screwed it up.

Artist Proof - Auto'd by the artist oversized cards /50

These are brilliant. A nice set to collect indeed. These would kick ass framed.

Relics: Normal fare but look nice. Nothing ground breaking

Autos: On Card. Well done Topps.

I like the white area for the signature. The autos show up really well. People have complained about the checklist. Its time to get over the fact that baseball auto checklists suck. Baseball products do not have strong checklists like football and basketball as they are not driven by rookie classes and such. One reason why I don't bust baseball so much.

Topps gets a free pass on the sticker auto/plate. Not sure if there is any other way.

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