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Friday, April 16, 2010

Upper Deck Black Football

It's now Cheap. Cheap. It might be the best deal going right now, yes there are some shit boxes, but there are some really good hits too.


Alex said...

Personally I think that even if the boxes were half that price they still wouldn't be a good buy. Why? There may be a few decent hits, but those are so few that the chances of getting them are miniscule. From all the breaks I have seen of this product there have only been 2 or 3 that have been any good. When Phil Simms is one of the better hits you can get you know the product has problems.

Even though I think you don't tend to get value in Triple threads, I'd prefer to pay the extra $30 and buy a box of Triple Threads than UD Black for the simple fact that you are a heck of a lot more likely to get something good in Triple Threads - which doesn't say much about UD Black. And personally I don't think black looks particularly good.

But hey, that's my opinion. Others can and do obviously think otherwise.

stusigpi said...

Black is a tough break for sure and you don't see me lining up to buy this stuff, but if it hits $99 a box, and it will, oh yes it will, I might pick up a case or two.

I will never buy a box of any TTT product at more than $75 a box.

With 2009 Ultimate tanking at the moment selling as low as $55 a box, I would see major availability at lower prices in the future.

How stupid are the people that paid $200 for this?

Alex said...

Yeah, $200 for UD Black. Ouch! From what I undertsand it was quite popular in Basketball, and maybe that's why some people bought it.

The reality is that, with a few exceptions, big dollar NFL boxes tend to drop a fair bit in price if you are willing to wait - Exquisite, National Treasures, Ultimate, UD Black etc.

The interesting exceptions are Triple Threads, which I can't believe because it isn't worth $140 to $170 a box, and leaf limited, which doesn't tend to drop as much as the others, though at times it may be on sale.