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Monday, May 31, 2010

2008/09 OPC Premier and 4 Boxes 2009/10 Champs Hockey Group Break - Canadia people welcome

Ok, taking another swing at this
If I can get enough interest, I will do this monthly or do it monthly where people can pick their teams. I know there are a lot of hockey people out there, so comment away.
$32.50 per slot
4 boxes 2009/10 Champs Hockey
1 Box 2008/09 OPC Premier
Paypal Stusigpi@hotmail.com
Each slot is 2 random teams
Randomized on Random.org (video)
Break will occur on June 1 or thereabouts
Any non sport or multi team card will be randomed off.

1. The Hamiltonian (paid)
2. Old school box breaks (paid)
3. Stephane (paid)
4. Amlsportscards (paid)
5. HEB (paid)
6. The Hamiltonian (paid)
7. Captain Canuck (paid)
8. Dogfacedgremlin (paid)
9. Dogfacedgremlin (paid)
10. Red Bird (paid)
11. Gritz76 (paid)


thehamiltonian said...

I am in.

For the uninformed - how do you deal with the non-team hits, especially in Champs?

oldschoolbreaks said...

I'm definitely in.

Stephane said...

I'm clearly in.

Cool break

amlsportscards said...

count me in. sounds like some good stuff!

Captain Canuck said...

alright, i'm in... although not a big fan of Champs... but it's hockey, what can ya do?

dogfacedgremlin said...

Ok, I am in this time.

gritz76 said...

Count me in. If anybody gets the Hawks and really would like to get rid of them, look here first.

thehamiltonian said...

Paypal on the way - I sent for another slot if it is still available.

If anyone gets the Leafs and wants to trade - I am ready!

Captain Canuck said...

do the team randomizer thingy so we have time to trade!