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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

National Treasures Basketball

Hobby Release Date: August 4, 2010
Hobby Configuration: 8 Cards, 1 Pack, 4 Boxes
Hobby Pack SRP: $400.00

Box Break:
Six Autographs/Memorabilia Cards

One Common seq #ed to 99
One Legend/Rookies/Parallels or Insert

Case Break:
One or more of the following; Kobe Bryant autograph, Bill Russell autograph,

Magic Johnson autograph, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar autograph, Oscar Robertson autograph, Larry Bird autograph, Jerry West autograph, Tyreke Evans autograph, Brandon Jennings autograph, Stephen Curry autograph, George Mikan material card, Souvenir Cut signature, Pen Pals, Signature Combo, Signature Trios, Signature Quads, NBA Logoman, NBA Logoman Combo , NBA Logoman signature, Laundry Tag NBA Logoman, Laundry Tag NBA Logoman signature, Laundry Tag Team Logo, Laundry Tag Team Logo signature

These are apparently quads that are front and back.  The nice think about this product is the checklist should be great in that a lot of these guys have not appeared in other products. Please be on card!

These cards are called Tag Team yet the patch is just labeled prime.  Companies need to start labeling these as logo and tags instead of just patch or prime.  Breaks will be interesting at the least.


Alex said...

The Designs look great! Especially the Magic Johnson. Here's hoping this year's football looks the same.


No way anyone makes 400$ off a box of this..

Voluntarheel said...

Agreed. The Magic looks great. The logoman is an improvement on design as I like the use of full action shots. Not sure why they need to put 'Prime' on either subset though. Really, the set is called "Logoman" and "Tag Team". The use of 'Prime' is a tad redundant.

I also agree with Schwartz. With that many Kobe's and Russell's etc, you won't make your money back the vast majority of the time.

But like the designs so far. But if they pull stickers out in this product it will be a crying shame at that price.