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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Panini Platinum or just Panini Part 10

Yup same set over and over and over and over again.  Yup, there will be some cool autos, jerseys and patches.


Although this could be their Topps Chrome so i can't fault them too much yet. Although, as all my friends know as always, I have a theory.

I mentor law students, some do very well and some really struggle.  The ones that struggle just come up way short on points and usually there are too many essay questions to answer.  Additionally they aren't strong writers so there are other reasons too.  Here is my theory.  The first 5-8 points are really easy to get on any given question, sqeezing those last 2-5 is difficult. So if they are getting 7 on 4 questions instead of 5 on 8 questions they are really hurting themselves.  So, if Panini makes 10 proucts and is always guaranteed those first sales due to it being a new product, it is probably more profitable than just making 5 products and trying to really squeeze out those last few sales.

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