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Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Event Used Is still a good investment

Although I question the long term vability of sticker autos due to the availability of on card autos for most everyone, I am starting to come around on event used items. Here's why

It occured to me during the rookie premier this week how big and similarly well known in the hobby this even is. We all know the story that the players put on some helmets, toss some balls, wear some pants and jerseys sign boxes and boxes of cards and sheets and sheets of stickers. Excuse me while I digress a bit.

One of the reasons we collect is that it reminds us of a particular year. Collecting is, in my opinion, purely for nostalgia reasons and thus tying a particular player card and set to a year in our life is the whole damn point. Name a year and I can tell you where I bought my packs. Finding as many 86 Topps Eric Davis cards as I could. Good times indeed, and I wouldn't trade a minute of it...Although I would have bought some of those 86-87 fleer basketball packs I came across. We all knew the fresh faced rookies of 87, McGwire, Bo, Rafeal, Greg, BJ Surhoff and others.

Which brings us back to Event Used/Game Used. Game used is special. Used in an actual game, we don't know which one. How many of us remember the disaster that was SPX. Griffey as a Mariner, pictured in a White Sox Uniform with a Reds Swatch. The good news is we know what year that piece is from, oh wait we have no idea. The fact is we have no idea whether the item was actually game used but Richard McWilliams says so....

On to the Event used issue, here is why i think this premier stuff will hold value. We know when almost to the day it was worn or supposed to be worn. We know they were rookies when the wore it. I would much rather have an event used piece of jersey or patch from a true rookie even than a nameless game. Don't get me wrong the second year cards of the big rookies are sweet because we know the jersey piece was worn during their rookie year or at the very least is an event used from the premier. Hence if I am a huge Donnie Avery fan, I am going to be looking for rookie type stuff and that exactly what rookie premier event used stuff is. Even though there is a lot of event used stuff out there it gets used up eventually. Thus I believe demand for the rookie premier items and there isnt so much of it that it becomes worthless unless the rookie turns out to be shit. Its not like the stuff is manu patch crap.

BTW, I have lifted some photos that Topps took at the premier.

This test is hard.

Shipley is my Wes Welker Play alike award winner
Tebow asks himself two questions: 1. Which lame scripture can I put on these. 2. How much are these going to be worth?

Sign those sticker whomever you are

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