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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Fantasy anything other than Football sucks

and FB is lurking around the suckage pool.

In full disclosure I was just kicked out of a baseball league. Ne explanation but the only thing that I can figure out is that I wasn't "active enough".  I don't even think I was in last place. First I was innundated with so many lame trade requests that I stopped responding.  Why did I stop responding?  Because the same 3 guys were offering me a marginal infielder and a marginal middle reliever for close to franchise level players.  Ok, first 2 players are not better than 1.  Second, maybe I like the player you are trying to get.  I am under no obligation to trade anything to you nor tell you what I would like in response the more requests you make does not make me more likely to trade.  Many of us bloggers deal with this when we bust boxes.  Some dude with 5 packs worth of commons wants us to check out his bucket to see if there is anything we want.   The other reason I may not have been active enough is that I didn't drop and add 3-5 players a day.  Frankly if you have the time to do this you aren't getting laid nearly enough.  At least in football you have tuesday wednesday and most of thursday to get your roster set.

I get that fantasy baseball isn't supposed to be realistic, but why must we turn over our entire team to be competitive?  Yes I have done very well in leagues.  Held first place in a hockey league wire to wire until the playoffs.  Played for the title in a couple baseball leagues and football as well but I am not going to do the aforementioned add drop every day.  Leagues should limit the number roster moves to a more realistic 2-4 per week.  Picked up Heyward or Castro after he went off, dropped him by Thursday for a few days and then picked them back up the following Monday and then dropped for good after that.  Enough about that

Here's the deal, college based teams suck.  There are never enough players, nor teams to support such a thing.  There are a few teams that kick ass and other than those 2-4 you have no shot of winning.

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Offy said...

I've increasingly grown to this mindset more and more with each passing year of fantasy baseball. I hate leagues that allow teams to go through a week just throwing out a bunch of relief pitchers and not carrying any starters. I'm also not big on the teams who pick up new starting pitchers every day and just keep throwing them out there.

I've never understood people who throw large amounts of money into fantasy baseball league pools. I'd rather take that money and head to the local casino and play a couple of hours of blackjack. Not only do I have a much better chance of actually winning something, but I'll enjoy it more and hey, free drinks.

There are a couple of exceptions though. I absolutely love my Benchwarmer Baseball league. There is an entry fee, but it's not for prize money. It goes towards the running of the server and the work done by the one person running the show.

It's a keeper league which tends to keep teams involved because even if you're having a bad year, you can trade away your star player for some prospects to build for the future which just happened in my league. A team that drafted poorly this year and didn't get a heck of a lot other than some future stars decided to trade away their biggest stars for some cash for their team and some more big prospects setting themselves up to hopefully contend next year.

The other great thing about that league is that players have salaries and your team has a limited amount of cash to spend. That gets rid of teams revamping their roster on a day-to-day basis. It also forces you to make smart choices. Spend a big chunk of change or Brain Roberts who then goes down with an injury? Better have a decent player on the bench or some cash to sign a replacement.

The other positive thing this year has been my Yahoo Auction league. The auction format brings a ton of strategy to the draft itself. There's no dollar values once the season starts, but each team is limited to 6 player pick-ups a week. That's still a lot, but I think you can tweak that number in custom leagues. Yahoo just needs to implement keeper leagues and they'll have a good thing going.