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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

July Baseball and Hockey Breaks are now open

1 2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo
1 2009 Ultimate Baseball
2 2010 Ginter
1 2000 Bowman Chrome

1. Atlanta Braves - Captain Canuck (paid)
2. Oakland Athletics - Open
3. Arizona Diamondbacks - Open
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Arfmax (paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Open
6. Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate (paid)
7. Kansas City Royals - Darkship (paid)
8. Baltimore Orioles - Beardy (paid)
9. San Francisco Giants - The Stark (paid)
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators - CS (paid)
11. Cleveland Indians – Mother (paid through July)
12. Florida Marlins - PopStartled (paid through July)
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Red Bird (paid through August)
14. Seattle Mariners - Grant (paid through July)
15. New York Mets – D Rauer BA Benny filling in this and next month (Paid august)
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Paul (paid)
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Open
18. Chicago White Sox - White Sox Cards (paid)
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King (paid)
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Thorzul (paid)
21. Chicago Cubs - Tunguska (paid)
22. Detroit Tigers - Roof God (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL (paid through August)
24. Minnesota Twins - Stephane (paid)
25. New York Yankees - HEB (paid)
26. Colorado Rockies - Brooklyn (paid)
27. Cincinnati Reds - Alex (paid)
28. Boston Red Sox - Red Bird (paid)
29. San Diego Padres - MK (paid)
30. Houston Astros - Houston collector (paid)

Here is how the breaks are going to change:

First, There will be 1 baseball Monthly Break.
Each participant will be able to pick their team.
Each person that participated in the original Group Break gets first dibs on any 1 team they would like.
I will then open it up and you can get multiple teams after a couple days of them being open.
The budget will be increased to $540
The high end boxes will be video
The low end boxes will not be done on video.
The tiered pricing Structure will still be in effect.
Feel free to rotate persons i.e. Beardy and Dgreene on the Orioles.
The cost will be static, I will adjust the product to meet the prices at the time I order.
Payment will be due the 15th before the break. For example, if the break is scheduled for May 1st. Payment is due April 15th. No exceptions. None. Zero. Hate to be such a hard ass about this but, its the way its got to be.

Expect the following high end: Exquisite, Ultimate, Prime Cuts, Tribute, Pristine, Premier.

The low end will be a variety of newer boxes.

Comments? or Questions? 438 24%

(6)Any team newer than 1980 shall be in Tier 3 $13.75

(8)Any team newer than 1961 shall be in Tier 2 $16.75

(16) Any team older than 1961 shall be in Tier 1 $20.50


Second team or break discount: 1.00
Third team or break: 1.50
Fourth Break and thereafter discount 2.00

American League
East Baltimore Orioles 1901
Boston Red Sox 1901
New York Yankees 1901
Tampa Bay Rays 1998
Toronto Blue Jays 1977
Chicago White Sox 1901
Cleveland Indians 1901
Detroit Tigers Detroit 1901
Kansas City Royals 1969
Minnesota Twins 1901
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961
Oakland Athletics 1901
Seattle Mariners 1977
Texas Rangers 1961

National League
Atlanta Braves 1871
Florida Marlins 1993
New York Mets 1962
Philadelphia Phillies 1883
Washington Nationals 1969 - Will be Considered Tier 2
Chicago Cubs 1870
Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati 1890
Houston Astros 1962
Milwaukee Brewers 1969
Pittsburgh Pirates 1882
St. Louis Cardinals 1882
West Arizona Diamondbacks 1998
Colorado Rockies 1993
Los Angeles Dodgers 1890
San Diego Padres 1969
San Francisco Giants 1883


beardy said...

Think I am back in for July, assuming AML is ok with that.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Just sent payment for July.

Alex said...

money sent

amlsportscards said...

Hey Beardy,

Yep, you have July but when August rolls around, its back to me :) Good luck!!!

laf said...

I would be interested in the hockey break if you changed it to picking teams, I only care about avalanche as far as hockey is concerned... if willing to give me avs, then I am in on the break.


can i get nats this time?

stusigpi said...

Nats are yours.

--David said...

I am curious as to how you got the post date to say "Wed, June 30" and it not be relegated to "Scheduled" - or am I reading to much into this?

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