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Friday, July 30, 2010

August Monthly Group Break is open

paypal to stusigpi@hotmail.com

1 2009 Ultimate Baseball
2 2007 Bowman Chrome
2 2008 Bowman Chrome
2 2009 Bowman Chrome

September Break Thoughts?
2 2008 Sweet Spot
2 2010 T-206 Baseball (Release September 1)

1. Atlanta Braves - Dayf for August (paid)
2. Oakland Athletics - Beardy (paid)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks - Open
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Arfmax (paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Open
6. Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate (paidish)
7. Kansas City Royals - Darkship (paid)
8. Baltimore Orioles - Beardy Amlsportscards for August (paid)
9. San Francisco Giants - The Stark (paid)
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators - Tunguska (paid)
11. Cleveland Indians – Mother (paid through September)
12. Florida Marlins - PopStartled (paid through september)
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Red Bird (paid through August)
14. Seattle Mariners - king (paid)
15. New York Mets – D Rauer BA Benny filling in this and next month (Paid august)
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Paul (paid)
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Open
18. Chicago White Sox - White Sox Cards (paid)
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King (paid)
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Thorzul  (paid)
21. Chicago Cubs - Tunguska (paid)
22. Detroit Tigers - Roof God (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL (paid through August)
24. Minnesota Twins - Nico (paid)
25. New York Yankees - HEB (paid)
26. Colorado Rockies - Brooklyn (paid)
27. Cincinnati Reds - Alex (paid)
28. Boston Red Sox - Red Bird (paid)
29. San Diego Padres - Nico (paid)
30. Houston Astros - Houston Collector (paid)

Here is how the breaks are going to change:

First, There will be 1 baseball Monthly Break.
Each participant will be able to pick their team.
Each person that participated in the original Group Break gets first dibs on any 1 team they would like.
I will then open it up and you can get multiple teams after a couple days of them being open.
The budget will be increased to $540
The high end boxes will be video
The low end boxes will not be done on video.
The tiered pricing Structure will still be in effect.
Feel free to rotate persons i.e. Beardy and Dgreene on the Orioles.
The cost will be static, I will adjust the product to meet the prices at the time I order.
Payment will be due the 15th before the break. For example, if the break is scheduled for May 1st. Payment is due April 15th. No exceptions. None. Zero. Hate to be such a hard ass about this but, its the way its got to be.

Expect the following high end: Exquisite, Ultimate, Prime Cuts, Tribute, Pristine, Premier.

The low end will be a variety of newer boxes.

Comments? or Questions? 438 24%

(6)Any team newer than 1980 shall be in Tier 3 $13.75

(8)Any team newer than 1961 shall be in Tier 2 $16.75

(16) Any team older than 1961 shall be in Tier 1 $20.50


Second team or break discount: 1.00
Third team or break: 1.50
Fourth Break and thereafter discount 2.00

American League
East Baltimore Orioles 1901
Boston Red Sox 1901
New York Yankees 1901
Tampa Bay Rays 1998
Toronto Blue Jays 1977
Chicago White Sox 1901
Cleveland Indians 1901
Detroit Tigers Detroit 1901
Kansas City Royals 1969
Minnesota Twins 1901
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961
Oakland Athletics 1901
Seattle Mariners 1977
Texas Rangers 1961

National League
Atlanta Braves 1871
Florida Marlins 1993
New York Mets 1962
Philadelphia Phillies 1883
Washington Nationals 1969 - Will be Considered Tier 2
Chicago Cubs 1870
Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati 1890
Houston Astros 1962
Milwaukee Brewers 1969
Pittsburgh Pirates 1882
St. Louis Cardinals 1882
West Arizona Diamondbacks 1998
Colorado Rockies 1993
Los Angeles Dodgers 1890
San Diego Padres 1969
San Francisco Giants 1883

This auction confounds me.

I mean $6.95 for a pujols jersey? Really? Pretty much the best jersey you can pull out of the product. There are others but Pujols is or was the best hitter in the game.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A comment about Beckett's loaded boxes

From the Horse's mouth on Twitter:

StevenLJudd So Beckett got a loaded box, big deal. I "packed" quite a few of them over the years. Get over it. It's part of the business. Geez.....

That my friends, in my opinion is a very serious admission to unfair trade practices.  Mr. Judd is now a Beckett employee.  Make of this what you will.  Judd followed up with:

Just to be clear, Beckett or the folks who work there have nothing to do with the "loaded" boxes they receive. It's the PDT/marketing.....
.....people at the card companies that plot and scheme to jerrymander the box/boxes.

Obviously this means that Beckett knows that it happens yet ignores it and presents the boxes as being representative of the product.  Do with it what you will, although I don't know how this can be taken any other way than the way that I do.

Here is an interesting discussion on Blowout http://www.blowoutcards.com/forums/baseball/84711-my-rant-chris-olds-beckett-editor.html thats the link so I get the ping or link back.

Grandpa Joe: Mr. Wonka?
Willy Wonka: [pointedly ignoring them] I am extraordinarily busy, sir.
Grandpa Joe: [tentatively] I just wanted to ask about the chocolate - The-the lifetime supply of chocolate, for Charlie. Wh-When does he get it?
Willy Wonka: He doesn't.
Grandpa Joe: Why not?
Willy Wonka: Because he broke the rules.
Grandpa Joe: What rules? We didn't see any rules, did we, Charlie?
[Charlie shakes his head briefly]
Willy Wonka: [springs up from his chair, angrily] Wrong, sir! Wrong! Under section 37B of the contract signed by him, it states quite clearly that all offers shall become null and void if - and you can read it for yourself in this photostatic copy:
[grabs a magnifying glass and reads]
Willy Wonka: I, the undersigned, shall forfeit all rights, privileges, and licenses herein and herein contained, et cetera, et cetera... Fax mentis incendium gloria cultum, et cetera, et cetera... Memo bis punitor delicatum!
[slams the contract copy and the magnifying glass down, continues shouting]
Willy Wonka: It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You stole fizzy lifting drinks! You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized, so you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!
Grandpa Joe: [shocked] You're a crook. You're a cheat and a swindler! That's what you are!
Grandpa Joe: How could you do something like this, build up a little boy's hopes and then smash all his dreams to pieces? You're an inhuman monster!
Willy Wonka: [shouts even louder] I said good day!

2009 Ultimate Football Case Break

Just ordered a case, rip and flip.  Should be here next week.

Interesting auctions from collect.com

Auctions fascinate me to no end.  Sure we have ebay, but the good stuff goes to more static auctions

McGwire's 500th home run ball - Ill be interested to see where this lands.

and i keep telling everyone that unopened material and thus cards from the 70's isn't that rare.

71 topps vending

75 topps vending

Dr J Box

A plathora of hockey boxes  -

You see cards had a very low wharehouse cost back in the day.  What does this mean?  A wax case had a retail value of about $180 back in the mid 70's to mid 80's whereas the wholesale wharehouse cost was about 1/2 that.  Meaning that a wharehouse could have 10 cases of cards (200 boxes) for about $1000-$1300.  Plus most stores only had 1 box a week maybe 1 box every other week depending on the store.  Cards were and had been popular so a lot of these wholesalers just kept the cases as investments. One more thing, many of these wholesalers took unopened box returns from their store customers and never returned them to Topps.  What this adds up to is the possibility of case after case of these cards to be in existence.  Many of these auction houses only accept boxes from sealed cases or graded boxes.  It wouldn't surprise me if a seller would ship a sealed case to an auction house with instructions to auction off 1-2 boxes per cycle to slowly let them trickle out and keep prices high.

It's back and its 75% off

The pujoles that has been making the rounds for a few years now, listed as high as $4999 is now yours for $1200.  I have no idea what this card is worth to anyone but this seller is a botard.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010-11 Score Hockey

I'm not sure if there are other reviews out there or not.

Release Date: October 13, 2013
7 Cards per Pack / 36 Packs per Box / 20 Boxes per Case
SRP: $0.99
550 Total Cards (500 Base and 50 Rookies)

Case Hit: 1 auto per case
Look for Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Eric Lindros, Patrick Roy, Mario Lemieux, Martin Brodueur and other exciting NHL stars!

Plus, look for on-card Buyback Autographs from the groundbreaking 1990-91 Score set, including signature-enhanced Rookie Cards of  Eric Lindros, Martin Brodeur and many, many more surprises!

Box Break
36 Glossy parallels
12 Superstar inserts, including The Franchise, Net Cam, Snow Globe Die-Cuts, Sudden Death and many more!
1 Rookie Redemption (10 total Players)
18 Rookie Cards per box, featuring holdover freshmen from 2009-10 such as Nazem Kadri, P.K. Subban, Brandon Yip and Zach Hamill

Here's the thing.  I think this is the only hockey set that needs to be produced this year.  It feature autos, albeit 1 per case hopefully on card but this set comes with a strong auto checklist.  No they aren't one per box, but they are hard enough to pull that they should hold value and the product is cheap enough to actually bust multiple cases. No need for worthless single color jerseys that add much more cost to the set than value to the buyer. One suggestion would be a patch/auto set, 10 cards, 1 in 5 cases.  Might add too much cost to keep the .99 price point. Also there is a redemption program which is nice because that guarantees hot rookies.   Maybe 1 in 100 redemptions could be auto or patch/auto.  What more do you need in a set?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Masterpieces Wantlist - I'm getting really really close

Football Wantlist

Checklist Time Warps Rookies

Captured on Canvas Jerseys
16 Demarcus Ware
19 Devin Hester
57 Ryan Grant


Red /199

Blue /150 need 2 of 86
46 - Joe Montana
88 - Walter Payton

Brown /99 need 3 of 86
34 - Franco Harris
36 - Dexter Jackson
42 - Jamaal Charles

Green /75 need 16 of 105
3 - David Tyree
5 - Barry Sanders
8 - Brett Favre
19 - Desmond Howard
20 - Devin Hester
32 - Joe Flacco
43 - Jim Brown
44 - Jim Thorpe
46 - Joe Montana
47 - Joe namath
68 - Peyton Manning
88 - Walter Payton
101 - Rashard Mendenhall
105 - Felix Jones
106 - Darren McFadden
107 - Desean Jackson

Light Blue /50

green /50

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list
Checklist SP checklist



Blue /125 111 of 120
9 - Brooks Robinson
21 - Derek Lee
23 - Jim Thome
26 - Grady Sizemore
45 - Hunter Pence
52 - Ken Griffey Jr
79 - Russell Martin
82 - Felix Hernandez
94 - Ryne Sandberg

Brown /100 102 of 120
10 - Nick Markakis
16 - Jonathan Papelbon
17 - Manny Ramirez
47 - Prince Fielder
59 - Jay Bruce
60 - Whitey Ford
63 - Hideki Matsui
64 - Joba Chamberlain
76 - Greg maddux
80 - Tim Lincecum
91 - Eddie Murray
94 - Ryne Sandberg
96 - Ernie Banks
98 - Johnny Bench
102 - Nolan Ryan
103 - Jack Morris
112 - Mike Schmidt

Green /75 91 of 120

Blue /50

2007 Masterpieces Baseball
Green Linen

Green Windsor

Serious Black /99

Black Linen /99

Blue Linen /75

Pinot /75

Hades /50
1,6,8,10,12,13,16,17,19,20,22,24,25,26,27,29,30,32,33,34,35,36,40,41,42,43,45, 46,47,49,52,53,54,55,56,61,62,65,69,74,75,76,77,78,82,85,87,89

Blue Steel /50

Rusted /50

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Group Break slots

3 spots left in the 2010 Topps jumbo football break and

Any 2 of the following teams $24

Astros, angels, pirates, Dbacks or $13 for any 1 in he August break.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Panini and the National


From August 4-8, we will be on the road for the 2010 National Sports Collector's Convention in Baltimore. We look forward to talking to collectors, hobby dealers and industry insiders during this exciting event.

If you plan to be at the Baltimore Convention Center, please be sure to stop by and say hello. We'd love your feedback on some of our new hobby initiatives such as the Panini Press and the 2010 Panini NFL Player of the Day hobby promotion.
We also wanted to make you aware of the exciting promotions we have planned for the event.
Collectors who bring five (5) unopened packs ofany2010 Panini NFL or 2009-10 Panini NBA product to the Panini booth and open the packs in front of us, will receive a special pack – only available at The National.

The exclusive National wrapper redemption set will consist of 50 Donruss Elite cards, highlighted by the top rookies and stars from the company's line of fully license NFL, NBA, NHL and CLC products.

NFL: Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, C.J. Spiller, Colt McCoy, Dez Bryant, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, Peyton Manning, Ray Rice, Ryan Matthews, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Tony Romo and Tom Brady, among others.
NBA: Brandon Jennings, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and Tyreke Evans, among others.
NHL: Sidney Crosby, Ryan Miller, Jonathan Toews, Henrik Sedin, Alex Ovechkin and Jose Theodore.

Randomly inserted in the packs will be green parallels numbered to 50 and blue parallels numbered to 25. Black parallels will contain certified AUTOGRAPHS and be serial-numbered to 25 or less.
Look for instant win cards will also be inserted in the packs. The cards will be redeemable (only at the National) for signed 8"x10" Prestige rookie cards from a top 2010 NFL rookie.

Attendees who purchase a special VIP Admission Ticket will receive an exclusive six-card set from the Crown Royale NBA series featuring 5-time NBA Champion Kobe Bryant, top rookie Brandon Jennings, NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose plus 2010-11 rookies Wesley Johnson and Evan Turner. To purchase a VIP Ticket, click here.

The Panini Prize Wheel will once again offer attendees and exclusive Classics NFL and Court Kings NBA card set. Players include Panini covermen Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow, as well as rookies Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Evan Turner. Rounding out the set will Ray Lewis, Donovan McNabb, Larry Bird and Rajon Rondo.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

pay up for the Monthly Break

So I'm watching the 2000 All Star Game

Turned it on in the bottom of the 2nd, David Wells on the mound.  As soon as I turn it on Costas is essentially calling everyone out for staroids.  Comparing the numbers of the current players to Hank Aaron.  he said that 3 dozen current major leaguers were on pace that year to beat Aarons prime season averages.  "I don't think there are 3 dozen major leaguers better than Hank Aaron".  He then goes on to say that there are 5 second basemen among that group.

Joe Morgan is his announcing mate and was as big of an announcing idiot then as he is today.  Interesting how bad the standard definition broadcast is in comparison to HD.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Panini doing it right this time

Yes I am all over Panini all the time for their crap the put out, but National Treasures Basketball is looking to be a nice product.  You can't disagree with these patches:
But why the Sticker Auto?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A note on group breaks

I get this question every so often. If anyone wants me to host a group break for them, let me know.

New shipping method

Cards, in a team bag with 2 blanks and two toploaders taped around it. Let me know the results when you get them. They will be shipped out today.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pros and Cons of the Hobby

I appreciate the commentary of Tracy Hackler on my earlier post. His comments got me thinking about what are truly the positives in the hobby and what are the negatives. Also, when I view something negatively what I would do to improve or change it.

Topps -
Topps has done a great job with Baseball overall. A and G is exactly what Topps has made it and wants it to be. Its a hodgepodge set with quirky hits and such.

Bowman, Bowchro, Draft picks and prospects, debut? Cut those down a bit. Tribute, T-206, Sterling all need to go.

I don't buy Topps Finest, but they have made that product what people want and it serves a niche for sure. Finest is not repetative of a current product, i.e. overlap

Base - Topps has made their base set buyable again. The Jumbo boxes are fantastic and make it possible to complete a lot of the insert sets buy buying 3-4 boxes and doing some trading.

Heritage - This product could go either way for me, I certainly like the idea of it.

Upper Deck - Upper Deck Baseball has been junk the last few years but their football products were fantastic same with Basketball, I do have one issue with their products that I will discuss under cons. The upcoming SPX and other football products look really good and I am looking forward to seeing them. I like their Hockey too.

Beckett: Beckett serves a very important function and they are THE resource for checklists and information about past and current cards. I don't subscribe to their online magazine or price guide, but their checklists can't be beat.

Grading: I'm a fan of grading, especially with older cards. Grading protects the collector from unscrupulous hacks that overgrade or that alter cards.

Panini: Panini is doing a great job of turning cards into an international product. Additionally, Panini has the resources to produce some excellent products. Timeless treasure seems ok and crowne Royal has some potential.

Retail Channel - Its back. With Bowman out there, people are again hunting retail. Previously, blasters and retail loose packs were a good way to spend $3 for 8 basecards. The companies have started making retail worth our while.

Ebay: I like being able to get any card I want anytime. Although I am building the masterpieces parallel sets and let me tell you some of those cards are not available and haven't been for a while.


Your high end product is crap. Yes people buy it for its super sick nasty mojo, but sticker autos and mess of david wright and BJ Upton autos is a bit much. Hits for the sake of hits is a terrible idea and becomes a product that will not hold any type of value. You can fix this by doing on card with some true greats. For example, you had a great checklist of on card autos in prior products and then you just quit. Go back to what you were doing.

Heritage: Man your auto checklist sucks. To fix this you need to find more semi stars of the 70's and 80's to round it out. Can't be any more expensive to do this and on card should be a snap. Plus this set is repetative right now and costs way too much. Either cut it or drop the price

SSP's and variations: You need to stop with the SSP's. Yeah, some people like them, but it pisses a lot of people off. 1 per case or less is not good for the hobby. Maybe 1:1 box and no more than 10 per set.

Upper Deck: Not a whole lot of negative to say about you right now. One suggestion. SP Authentic retail need improvement. I realize that putting RPA's and the big hobby hits in retail is a silly idea, but this product should only be sold in blasters with the hobby hits seeded 1:2 or 1:3 boxes. IF not retail has no value.

Panini: Ok guys, you know what the complaints are. No creativity, all of your products overlap. Sticker autos that look like shit. Such a freakin cop out. Basically you have 10 products in each sport, 8 are the same as the other, your sticker autos look cheap, and your price points are questionable given the sticker auto content. Maybe you get a sales bumpsout of having more products. What I mean is, a person might buy 3 boxes of Certified if that was the only product you had, but this same person will buy 2 boxes of certified and 2 boxes of limited even though the hits and cards all look the same. The foil board is horrific and results in way too many damaged cards. The only cards you make that have any value are hits. Your base cards have no value. I am not aware of anyone that builds any of your base sets. Cut the number of products and look at what topps does.

The industry as a whole: Exclusives suck as they are now. Panini should not be exclusive in the NBA. They still put out too many products. There should be as many licenses as viable companies, however, the number of products should be contained. Panini is doing few things positive and Topps and Upper Deck could do better in a lot of respects. Especially in Basketball. If each licensee was limited to 4-6 products a year, quality would be of the utmost importance. DOes anyone like what Panini is doing with Basketball? Topps base, Chrome, Finest are all better than Panini at this point.

Beckett: Your price guide is all out of whack and its too expensive. Building a program that yanks prices from ebay would be most helpful including a wax price guide. You would have to audit the sales to make sure they are legit and that the correct cards are being included.

One thing I would also like to see is review of products from more outlets. I know that some products are reviewed by bloggers but it is a box at a time and lets just say that some reviewers are um not so good. A year and a half ago I did a 3 box average review style. I found it worked well and gave a better sense fo what was in a product. Maybe the manufacturers should offer discounted cases to reviewers.

Really Panini? Who designs this stuff?

Perhaps these cards come from the brightest minds in the hobby like S Judd (Who seems to have worked for every card company out there, didn't last long at any it seems), C Olds, and others that think they know so much more than the rest of us and WE just don't get it.  What do we know, we are just collectors.

Of course its possible to fuck up on card autos too

Looks to be a beckett 9.5 to me I mean the all four corners are only .5 points total and the centering "is within the guidelines of a 9" and "doesn't keep it from being...", oh I'm sorry there is nothing to be gained by Beckett by grading it a 9.5 so it will only get a 7 like it deserves.
But whatever.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Panini Certified Hockey and such

Release Date: September 22, 2010

Configuration: 5 Cards, 10 Packs, 8 Boxes
Pack SRP: $10.00

1 Autograph!
2 Memorabilia Cards!
An additional Auto or Memorabilia Card!
1 Mirror Red Parallel!
4 additional parallels or inserts!
50 super-premium cards per box!

Little Problem with the Gordie Howe card potentially.  You see UD has an exclusive with him.  Here is the Tweet from earlier today:

Our multi-year exclusive spokesman deal with Gordie Howe remains in tact. UD remains the only place you can find a signature of Mr. Hockey.

So maybe that is a facsimile and that's all its going to be.

Basically Panini put little or no thought into the set other than the Big Men on Campu card above but this is still typical Panini.  Anyway, this product will be great if they don't come out with the 10 versions of this same set.  If they do, its going to be just like their Football and Baseball ad nauseum crap fest.

Anyone interested in a group case break?  it would basically be splitting the case 12 ways, no team choices just everything split up 12 ways randomly. No base card doubles and it would be about $75 a person and probably less.

August Monthly Box Break

Here's what its going to be:

2 Boxes 2007 Bowman Chrome Baseball
2 Boxes 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball
2 Boxes 2009 Bowman Chrome Baseball
1 box 2009 Ultimate Baseball

Questions, hate them? Suggestions?

2010 Finest went to 150 a box.  206 and such for 2010 don't come out for a while

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Bowman Chrome Box has arrived

Its a 2000 for the group break.  Man are refractors sparse in those years.  Anyway, the box is broke and the group breaks will be shipped out Saturday or Sunday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Strasburg Mini

There are 17 or so on the bay and prices are plummeting and good news, even the latest ones seem to be off center.  Anndddd....according to Chris Olds at beckett, Ginter retail is hitting.  Wait for the prices to drop even more quickly.  Looks like my "wait 6 months to buy boxes" because prices would drop is being relized inside of a week.

6 spots left - Football Break

Found here

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sale at Da Cardworld

4th of July sale, pretty good prices overall.

July Monthly Box Busters 2010 Topps S2 Jumbo

Atlanta Sports Cards

Jumbo boxes are clearly the way to go, if not for the 3 relics, it just seems like you get 2-3 hobby boxes worth per box.  You will see more of these in our box breaking future as prices will fall. The BowChro box will be posted as soon as it arrives from the seller.

The Variations should be done on old timey card stock, it would look much better.  The Berra Turkey Red is an absolutely beautiful card, I would love to have the painting hanging in my house.  Red Hot Rookie 8, I will ship this card as soon as I find out who it is.
These sportflic type cards are 1 per pack.  I really really like them.  I don't know if they are jumbo only.
Meh, not a fan of the hat logo cards.  The jersey card is a decent effort by topps.
Holly Bright Foil Sticker Batman.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

FAKES! with an extra set of Cojones and a side of real

Find the auction here.   Me thinks the middle is fake and the top is fake as well and the bottom is actually real.  thoughts? Find the explanation here,  So they wipe of the blue and resign with red.  Anyway the bottom is clearly different than the top two.  I think the bottom one is real as it matches his other sigs.  Maybe I am wrong.

On second thought, they might all me fake. There is no question about these:

July Monthly Break 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Box

Prices are bottoming out on this product as we speak. I actually like opening it for a group break and hopefully by next month I might be able to get 2-3 boxes. Most teams are represented.