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Thursday, July 29, 2010

2009 Ultimate Football Case Break

Just ordered a case, rip and flip.  Should be here next week.


beardy said...

Group break, or just for you?

Babbaloie said...

Hey, for us newbies out there, would you be willing to do an "Anatomy of a Rip and Flip" post? Tell us how you do your voodo?

stusigpi said...

I was going to do this as a me break. I could do a group break 16 slots $53 a slot. Draft slot break meaning I would random the list and people would choose which hit they wanted. All the base cards would be a slot too. People can post here if they are interested.

beardy said...

I am interested. How many boxes/case, and how many "hits" would each of us walk with?

stusigpi said...

15 boxes/1 case
15 total hits
a bunch of numbered base cards
So each person would get 1 hit. and 1 person would get all the base cards I think there are 45 total so getting the base cards isn't a bad deal.

stusigpi said...


I will do an article on it after I am done.