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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interesting auctions from collect.com

Auctions fascinate me to no end.  Sure we have ebay, but the good stuff goes to more static auctions

McGwire's 500th home run ball - Ill be interested to see where this lands.

and i keep telling everyone that unopened material and thus cards from the 70's isn't that rare.

71 topps vending

75 topps vending

Dr J Box

A plathora of hockey boxes  -

You see cards had a very low wharehouse cost back in the day.  What does this mean?  A wax case had a retail value of about $180 back in the mid 70's to mid 80's whereas the wholesale wharehouse cost was about 1/2 that.  Meaning that a wharehouse could have 10 cases of cards (200 boxes) for about $1000-$1300.  Plus most stores only had 1 box a week maybe 1 box every other week depending on the store.  Cards were and had been popular so a lot of these wholesalers just kept the cases as investments. One more thing, many of these wholesalers took unopened box returns from their store customers and never returned them to Topps.  What this adds up to is the possibility of case after case of these cards to be in existence.  Many of these auction houses only accept boxes from sealed cases or graded boxes.  It wouldn't surprise me if a seller would ship a sealed case to an auction house with instructions to auction off 1-2 boxes per cycle to slowly let them trickle out and keep prices high.

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