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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010-11 OPC Hockey

As much as I like the Score Hockey, I like this set better.  I imagine the card stock will be much like Goudey or Goodwin which would be fantastic.

The Base set is very 80's - 90's and I like it.  Simple with good action shots.
The rookies are very 70's retro, Somewhere around 82-83 and 76-77.  The slightly grainey action shot would be great.
I like the autos, good design with a nice clear signing area.  Curious to find out insertion rate and checklist.  Upper Deck has had some rough checklists in baseball products, ok in FB, but some were rough.  Hockey is usually pretty good.
This card is fantastic.  I love the floating heads.  Depending on insertion rate and cost these could be fun to collect a set of.  What would be intersting is to do an 80-81 basketball set type thing.  Basically make these with different players on them depending on where the card is cut, not perferated, just cut at different points so the players are put on cards in all sorts of weird combinations.  Anyway, it looks like a fun set. No word on cost and insertion rates.  One last comment, why put out this set and the regular hockey set series 1 and 2?

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