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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Future Hall of Fame Mockup

Ok, so they aren't perfect


Ryan said...

Next group break, let's all toss in some extra $$ so you can buy yourself Photoshop. :) I kid I kid.

stusigpi said...

So what's panini's excuse?

That's the sad thing is that 15 minutes, ms publisher and a yahoo image search yielded these cards. Frankly I kind of like them. Yeah they are very simple but there have been worse designs out there for sure.

If anyone wants to buy me Photoshop......

beardy said...

Are you on a Mac, or PC? It's really easy to find for free on a Mac, if you know where to look.

Ryan said...

I have a copy of it for Mac I can send you free, if you're on a Mac that is. If on a PC, we could probably figure something out.

Yes, I was busting your chops a bit, but not to be a dick. I do think the designs have potential. I'm glad you have decided to give it a shot. Others (Gellman) only complain about how shitty designs are, and when asked to make some of their own to show us how it should look, simply says that they can't or won't waste their time trying.

So yeah, keep at it. If you want any tips, software or anything, I'm sure myself, Beardy and others will hook you up. :)