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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Gretzky Concept - Prepare Yourself it's Colorful


Sal said...

Interesting idea.


- Make the blue border darker (like Oilers blue)
- Make the red border maroon (like the Coyotes red jersey color)
- This will make the card more pleasing to the eye
- Experiment with lighter text--white would work great with all of the text except "to" if you make the borders darker
- Maybe change the word "Box" to "Bench," because "box" implies penalty box.

stusigpi said...


those are good ideas. I need to figure out how to color sample better. The Pantone codes I find don't match up in ms publisher.

Sal said...

Can you use RGB colors instead?

Can you sample a part of Gretzky's blue jersey, and then use that color for the blue area? Something like that?

See, I'm spoiled. I use Photoshop :)