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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I loves me some Forum Snobs

People that sit on forums and act all high and mighty. Every comment they have is negative and not based on anything other than they don't like something. The air of superiority because they post a lot. Nice.

Then there is this guy? Seems his hard on for Gellman has been going on for a while. These people need to get a life.


TJ said...

Those are exactly the threads that inspired my last post. I can't fucking stand the Blowout forums. It might be full of great people, but it's also full off ass hats.

stusigpi said...

Post a link to your post.

TJ said...

Nothing about them personally, just my reaction to people like that and the whole Beckett situation.

beardy said...

To me, it just means that they don't know how to get their point across in an intelligent manner. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion, or not liking something, but it's all about how you go about getting that point across.

I saw both of those threads yesterday, and found each one of them to be quite rude. I'm not the biggest Gellman fan in the world, but c'mon man! There's no reason to personally attack people.

Paul said...

I've been on Blowout since the spring of 09, and there are good people on there.

This summer has been rough for some reason...the heat brings out the dbags!

stusigpi said...

The funny thing is that there are questions about "why all the negativity regarding beckett". My answer "Because I feel that their box breaks are dishonest and they are complicit in it" The answer to that is I hate you, you disagree with me so I am going to insult you. I don't have a problem is someone says " I don't like masterpieces because single color jerseys and a crap auto checklist" Fine, I'm more than ok with a negative comment if there is some sort of rationale behind it, but the personal attacks because of mere disagreement are just silly.

I swear people just troll on blowout with no other purpose than to insult other people or in turn say that their favority company/player what have you does no wrong