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Monday, August 16, 2010

***Updated*** Idiot or scam artist

or a guy that realized he got taken.  Gellman over at SCU is the fakes guy but I couldn't help but bring this up. Earlier today, Lookitsjake commented to Gellman and I that he finally understood why we dislike sticker autos. He sent us this auction.

The sticker is on upside down fool!
I was looking for Adrian Peterson autos on ebay to show him an example of why I hate sticker autos, specifically when the sig runs off the sticker.  Adrian Peterson is one of those people that does that. So I did a search for Adrian Peterson auto and saw how many Rookie Premier autos came up.  Some of the fakes are terrible.  I ran across this auction.

Ok, any person that is even close to familiar with either auto knows that is a fake from a mile away.  It is a terrible fake.  Here are some Legit AP autos:

The BGS card above, I believe, is actually legit.  If not it is one of the best damn fakes of all time.  Regardless, I sent an email to the seller of the Peterson/Lynch:

IamJoeCollector: You know that's a fake right?

Waxpackcity: doubtful since we pulled it from a pack ourselves, there are many fakes in this set. but the ones with the congrats message on the back with the players names are hard to fake, topps just doesnt just give those out without sigs, and its definitely not a reprint, those are easy to spot up close.

To which I replied: That is a fake. You did not pack pull it. Everyone knows its fake that's why you can't sell it for that $88. Really?

**update** Waxpackcity: What is your evidence besides random accusations, we just listed it, pretty sure it will sell at this price.

IAMJC: First, the peterson auto is not even close to what his actual auto looks like. Compare it to any number of AP autos. Second, Rookie Premier Autos are one of the most faked autos out there. There are hundreds of fakes on the net. That is why Topps has gone to serial numbering the cards in 2010. Third, your price is not even close to the value of a real version.
It may indeed sell, but to an unknowing buyer.

Waxpackcity: I know more about fakes in this set and other sets than anyone I know. This is the real deal, not all of them are fakes. We pulled this from a pack, I wouldnt lie having 7 years of perfect powerseller feedback.

IAMJC: Can you point me to ANY other AP auto that looks like yours? There aren't any. Yours looks nothing like any legitimate AP auto out there. If you know more about fakes in this set and other sets than anyone you know, then you know this is a fake. Come on man, this auto is so bad it's ridiculous. Please, show me ANY AP auto that looks like this. None of the Upper Deck autos do. None of the Donruss do. None of the Topps do. http://sports-cards.shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=adrian+peterson+topps+auto&_sacat=64482&_odkw=masterp*****&_osacat=64482&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313 other than all the fake Rookie premier autos, none of the real autos look anthing like yours. Of course all of the fake rookie premiers have a ton of variations of autos. So, I'll ask you again to point me to ANY other AP auto that looks like yours.
Here are some Lynch autos for comparison:


King Felix 4 CY said...

So is the back of that dual auto card fake as well? This is what I don't get. The back would have to be fake. Otherwise, if it is a SSP or something, and a representative told them to be careful maybe those guys took their time, because there were only a couple of cards for them to sign that day instead of the massive pile of stickers. Are there examples of other dual autos from that set to compare them to? Especially the back of the card. LIVE EDIT: I just looked at the big deal the auction makes about past cards that sold for 500 bucks and shit....this guy's either a scammer, was scammed himself, or is allergic to money. He should be reported.

stusigpi said...

The irony is that both of the auctions that he shows in his listing are for legit cards. Comparing the three, its obvious that his is a fake.

As gellman has reported, there are 2 sources that these fakes are coming from. Player issued cards and most likely cards that walked out the back door. So the card themselves may be real, but the autos are fake. The player issued cards are usually marked on the back, a stolen box would be an authentic card but some jackhole signed it later.