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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nobody Expects the Portland Inquisition

I got an email about an uncut sheet of cards and whether I would like to buy them.  Here is the sheet:
It's an uncut sheet of Franz bread cards that were distributed in loafs of bread.  The cards are actually quite nice in person.  The early sets were printed by Star Co.  The sets were produced for many years and include a significant RC:

Thats and 84-85 Drexler.  Basically the emailer wanted to know how much the sheet was worth, here is what I told her:

I am in Salem, but work in the Portland area. These are hard to put a value on and frankly on ebay it could bring anywhere between $5 and $100 but most likely $15-$30. The Blazers are a small market team so there aren't a ton of fans out there but they certainly have some hardcore ones.

There are a few things that affect the value. First, this is that this is not a regular issue set it's a regional product "premium". Second, I haven't seen many of these around, so I would assume that they are rare. Third, Franz put out sets starting in 1986 I believe so its not one of the early sets. Fourth, there are no significant rookie cards.

Turns out the sets started in at least 84, maybe earlier and I meant there were not significant rc's on this particular sheet.

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