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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A note of card design and my mockups

Yesterday's little exercise in card design started out as a farce.  Some of you may chuckle, but it turned out that I actually liked the designs.  Yes the colors don't match quite like they should, there are some parts where the graphics don't match up etc., but lets look at this for what it is.  Write me off as a delusional moron if you must. I used MS Publisher, yahoo image search, and 15 minutes per card.

First, I like simple cards, I like inexpensive packs, and I like design variety.  Similarity is fine, but Panini isn't even trying anymore with the exception of their 2007-08 Fleer Ultraesque attempt at ints. There are some design heavy cards that I like, but I get really sick of them quickly.  I hate SP authentic base cards, Exquisite base cards are high quality, I don't dislike them, but they are over designed.  The other thing I don't like is cheap card stock and high pack prices.  By high pack prices, I mean I'm not going to Wal-Mart to pay $3 for 8-10 base cards that are most likely going to be in terrible condition especially when I can get a HOBBY box for an average of $2 a pack.  For you nit pickers, basically I can get a hobby box for 1/2 the retail pack price on a  per pack average.

My goal was to have a retail/hobby product.  It bugs me that I don't see packs of cards in convenience stores.  I, for one, am not a fan of the hobby retail divide.  For example if I saw a fresh box at a convenience store, the chances I would by the whole thing like I used to do back in the day are pretty good.  I see why it was done, but I don't like it. It seems to be a profit center for the companies.  In other words retail margins are ridiculous.  Am I going to be right about everything?  No, but I'm pretty sure that with some slight tweaks the product would be viable. 

So let's get started. Here is a basic sell configuration:

Printed on cardboard.
12 boxes per case/24 packs per box/5 cards per pack
$1.99 per pack

Jumbo Boxes
6 boxes per case/24 packs per box/15 cards per pack
$3.75 per pack. (more base cards, but insertion rates are the same)

3 Action Packed 180 Card Series!
Series 1 Released on August 20th with photo from the Rookie Premier
Series 2 Released on October 5th with Rookie in game photos
Series 3 Released on December 1st

Each series will have 135 base cards with 5 Short printed rookies, 5 Short printed Veterans, and 5 Short printed Legends Seeded at 1 per box. (Set collector features

Rookie and Veteran Autographs seeded at 1 in 36 packs Hobby and Retail
Red Ink Autographed versions numbered to 25 1 in 360 packs

All New redemption program with 1 autographed Game Used Ball 1 in 1500 packs. (Can anyone really argue this is not a cool as hell feature, cost may be an issue?)

All New in 2010 Topps. Itunes (Amazon mp3) Redemption codes for a free song 1:3 packs. (this is a true value add in. I'm not arguing that kids are the future but if anything can draw kids to a product this might be one of them)

Each card will have a Red Back variation 1 in every pack
Each card will have a Black border variation 1 in 5 pack serial
Each Black border variation will have a red back variation serial numbered to 500
Each card will have a Red Back alternate photo variation serial numbered to 250

The entire set will be recreated as 4 card box panels with variations that we aren't going to tell you about. You get the excitement of discovering them on your own!

There would be no game used cards. These costs about $1 for each crappy swatch that end up in .50 bins anyway. No pack searching either.

Here are the mockups:

The design is simple, but that's the point.  Obviously on production versions, the colors would be done correctly and the borders would be more even.  In comparison, Donruss same old same old.

More of what I did.  I know they aren't perfect, but really, are the Leaf cards above any better?

BTW, I have a PC and do not have photoshop.

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