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Thursday, August 19, 2010

OT mostly - Rant

So I ran down to Safeway to get some Diet Pepsi (spare me I like it), anyway, I parked in front of this lady.  She came up to me and asked me whether I had jumper cables.  I told her "Sorry, I don't".  I looked around for a second and there is an auto repair shop right across the street.  I pointed it out to her.  Her response "well the problem is picking up and carrying the car over to the shop".  At this point I did my typical annoyed sigh.  I then, in a calm voice said, "You can walk over there and borrow the jumper cables or one of them will probably drive across the street and give you a jump"  The look on her face was priceless, that she had never considered the most obvious fucking answer.

Which brings me to a long explanation and discussion.  Ok, I get people don't realize that I am a problem solver for a living.  Everything I do is based on analysis.  The other side of it is that I don't exactly give off the dumbass vibe in most cases.  I don't look like a cro mag, I don't dress like a moron with Ed Hardy Affliction Tap Out crap.  I don't wear a hat, and thus, its not on sideways.  I don't have scraggly facial hair.  You get the picture. BTW if you wear your hat sideways, people don't think you are cool, they think you are a dumbass.

No we are on to the sports card portion of dumbassery.  I look at tons of box breaks online in order to pick out products that I might want to bust.  When I started buying boxes, Donruss Threads and Gridiron Gear looked appealing because of the 3-4 hits per box at $55 a box.  Turned out they were shit hits that weren't worth a damn.  Yesterday I was looking at some breaks and for the most part the cards were those crappy auto manu patches where the auto is on the fabric, hate those, and some no name rookie autos.

One guy pulled a nice patch and others started commenting about how they love the product, the great hits etc.  What they don't get is the most obvious answer.  That one decent hit does not a product make.  In comparison, at least my Ultimate case had a good card in every pack, the worst being the aaron curry auto.  Top pick but still not a great hit, but at least he isnt an undrafted free agent. The problem that we have is that many of these posters are either 15 year old kids or people that are so enamored with getting any autograph that they love everything, especially if Panini throws them a bone every once in a while. 

Contrast Rookies and stars to SP Authentic.  Everyone knows the drill.  2 potentially shit autos and you hope to pull a nice 3 color RPA.  UD tosses in some dual autos, triples and some other auto/jersey cards for good measure.  There is no question about what the box is going to have for the most part. 

Now this isn't a bash Panini, yay Upper Deck post.  Panini is still finding their footing, but they need to break free from the Donruss shackles.  Yup, you Panini execs are clueless on putting out a quality product with any original design.  Shit even GM changes their design once every few years.  Let us not forget the baseball crap fest that was Upper Deck Baseball.  Other than Masterpieces, I didn't see 1 quality baseball product, but Panini can't seem to put out 1 product I want to buy.  But I digress

What I am trying to say is that although Gellman takes much more shit than I do, the shit that I do take is usually from morons that can only see what is in front of them.  Many of these guys are real life extras in Idiocracy.  Huh huh, you hate Tebow! Tebow Rules! Um no, Tebow kicked ass at Florida, no doubt. He is not a pro style quarterback, in that, he does not have the throwing motion to make it, and he likes to run too much and doesn't have the speed to get away with it.  After the game the other night I tweeted to Hackler that Tebow better not do that too often because those hits take their toll.  Basically, much like Strasburg, Tebow has some serious flaws in his approach that may lead to a very short career.  Trust me, I have been lit up by a Division III Linebacker in a pickup game.  Just for comparison, Tebow is an inch taller and has about 20 pounds more muscle than me and I weigh 5 pounds less.   Anyway, take it from me, those hits take their toll.  See that is analysis as to why I don't think Tebow, at this point, will be a successful Pro QB.  On the other hand, Dennis Dixon has a real shot.  He is fast, tough, and can wing that ball 100 miles an hour, he is dangerous.  Cons are that he isn't very big and prior knee injury.  But at this point, I think he has a better shot than Tebow because of his ability to move and throw.


beardy said...

ur n a$$hole n i h8 u


beardy said...

Sorry about that, I had my hat on sideways for a second.

SportsCardGirl said...

Every person has the ability to assess things, people have different points of views, different likes and needs. All of us are different, but there come a time that you might agree with the opinion of others or perhaps give respect to that person. I am saying this not to take opposition because i agree most of the topics in this post. I am saying this in general. For them to have a better assessment, opinions, ideas etc.From there people can grow mature and responsible for their acts and opinions. Like this one this is just my opinion. :)

By the way i like this post, i hope also that Panini will give the cards that we wanted. Not just a card but a outstanding one. ;)

Have a great day!!

stusigpi said...


I agree that everyone has the ability to assess things and that people have different points of view. I even welcome those opposing points of view. I actually had a kid on Blowout tell me that I was a noob and therefore did not know what I was talking about simply because he had 600 posts and I had 300.

I would have more respect for an opinion that says that Tebow will be an NFL success if the proponent could tell me WHY they think that way. For example, Tim Tebow will be an NFL GOD! because he has good decision making ability, sees the field well, reads routes and defenses correctly, and is improving his throwing motion. Additionally, he will learn that the clock ticks faster in the NFL when they come weak side Blitz or the ends get a step on the OL. The only analysis I have heard from big Tebow supporters is that he was good in the SEC and the SEC is almost like playing in the NFL.

The funny thing about Panini is that they have everything in place but their execution is poor. National Treasures would be excellent if they went on card. With so many retired guys that don't have a whole lot going on, on card shouldn't be an issue. As soon as their foil board supply runs out in 2015 maybe they can go to making better cards.

Motherscratcher said...

I'm with you on Dixon. As a Browns fan I'm pleased as shit that he's buried behind Leftwich for some damn reason. And, if Big Ben can refrain from raping anyone else for a few more months (not a certainty) Dixon will slide down to 3.

Can't for the life of me figure out why Lefwich is ahead of Dixon. That dude is an athletic freak.

stusigpi said...

The game that Dixon went out for good against Arizona, he ran for a TD. He blew through the line and probably ran a 4.65 40 to the endzone...with a torn knee ligament.

ok, not close to that fast but he is an easy runner.

beardy said...

Dixon almost beat the Ravens last season, and would have were it not for an interception in overtime. He certainly looks capable, and I am more afraid of him than Leftwich, that's for sure.

Leftwich runs like Elvis Grbac, and is going to get himself killed back there.