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Monday, August 9, 2010

The problem people of the hobby

Most of us bloggers consider ourselves hobby savy.  Maybe we think we know too much, maybe we are a bit pompus but the one thing we strive to do is to educate the average collector.  Many of us field mountains of emails asking all sorts of hobby questions, at least I do.  So I take no joy in this post, but scammers do.  Often times there are forum snobs. Those guys that troll the boards spouting off with no real analysis, that have more money than sense.  I'm not sure if this is one of those guys but he is certainly part of the problem.  He's a forum hero with Mojo in his eyes.

Listen, these are not real and I can't figure out what would possess anyone to think otherwise.  Rice had a limited number or Raider Jerseys and Donruss was not going to blow two logos on two jersey cards.  Plus, note that the card says "game worn jersey"  Donruss labeled these as "Prime" Jersey.  As Gellman has stated many times on his blog, he doesn't go to shows anymore because of the plethora of fakes.  The blowout post is here.

The buyer states that he trusts the seller implicitly, but then where did the seller get these. Did he get a too good to be true deal?  The issue being that I personally wouldn't buy a logo card that wasn't marked as such or out of exquisite ultimate, NT or whatever.  Then if it is fake, no one knows or can tell.  Then we move on to:

The Mcnabb Monday Night Heroes.  I can't tell if it says prime or not nor do I know the numbering, but Donruss, Upper Deck and Topps have been featuring logos as 1/1's and as at least special for a while.  They don't throw logos on cards willy nilly.  The problem is how many fakes did this guy buy?
Check out the Harrison:
There is a guy on that same thread that swears he pulled a logo.  He states: Guys.. going to call out the rice's as fakes, BUT I personally pulled a 2004 keyshawn johnson mirror red jersey from a box that had the NFL logo in it

Here's the thing, and I say it all the time, I have busted a ton of wax.  I have pulled some nice cards, but nothing like some of this stuff.  I pulled an Andre Johnson tag card, it was obviously the case hit and /10, I've pulled a Manningham Kelly tag card /15 national treasures.  I pulled a kick as OchoCinco patch /25 etc.  But this just doesn't happen.

Here is why buyers make fakes worth faking.  He has a ton of cash, he obviously has no ability to spot a fake or at least question it.  As long as collectors like this guy throw down cash without question, fakers have an incentive to fake.  Look at how many people bid up fake rookie premiers.  Listen, I'm not trying to be a jerk about the whole thing but at least know what you are bidding on and buying.  Of Course Topps themselves are worse:

Pic Stoled (thats right, stoled) from Stale Gum.

What say you?

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Charles @ Hoopography said...

First off, I agree… one of the biggest reasons bloggers do what they do is to educate and connect collectors. So thanks for posts like these.

Fakes are a horrible part of the hobby. The bottom line is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Yeah it's cliche, but it's true.

It would help if the "big money" collectors were a little more savy.