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Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Monthly Baseball Break is Open and Monthly Football break

paypal to stusigpi@hotmail.com

September Break Thoughts?
2 2009 Sweet Spot
2 2010 T-206 Baseball (Release September 1)

October Break
3 boxes 2010 Topps Chrome
1 box 2007 Exquisite Baseball
1 box 2009 Ultimate

November Break
3 Boxes Bowman Chrome
1 box 2009 Ultimate
1 box 2007 Exquisite

1. Atlanta Braves - Captain (paid)
2. Oakland Athletics - Dan (paid)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks - Open
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Arfmax (paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Dan (paid)
6. Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate (paid)
7. Kansas City Royals - Darkship  (paid)
8. Baltimore Orioles - Beardy (paid)
9. San Francisco Giants - The Stark (paid new address)
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators - Tunguska (paid)
11. Cleveland Indians – Mother (paid)
12. Florida Marlins - PopStartled (paid)
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Red Bird (paid)
14. Seattle Mariners - king (paid)
15. New York Mets – BA Benny (paid)
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Paul (paid)
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Open
18. Chicago White Sox - King (paid)
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King (paid)
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Thorzul (paid)
21. Chicago Cubs - Tunguska (paid)
22. Detroit Tigers - Roof God (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL (paid through October)
24. Minnesota Twins - Dan (paid)
25. New York Yankees - HEB (paid)
26. Colorado Rockies - Brooklyn (paid)
27. Cincinnati Reds - Alex (paid)
28. Boston Red Sox - Red Bird (paid)
29. San Diego Padres -
30. Houston Astros - Houston Collector (paid)

Football Monthly Break
1 box 2010 Sweet Spot
1 box 2010 Jumbo
2 boxes 2009 Ultimate

Price is $25
Each slot is 2 teams
Discount is $1.50 for each team or if you participate in the baseball group break
You get to pick one team and keep it, in the next month the resulting teams are randomed

1. Vikings - Darkship (paid)
2. Ravens - Beardy (paid)
3. Colts - HEB (paid)
4. Broncos - Red Bird (paid)
5. Cowboys - Captain Canuck (paid)
6. Shane - Lions (paid)
7. Arfmax - Browns (paid)
8. Dan  Giants (paid)
9. Voluntarheel - Panthers (paid)
10. Rich R - Steelers (paid)
11. Schwartz - Jets (paid)
12. Ryan - Bengals (paid)
13. Derek - Titans (paid)
14. Ric - Packers (paid)

Here is how it works. 12 slots.

Each slot is a random assortment of inserts, jerseys, variations, autos. Essentially, everything will be distributed except the veteran base cards and rookie base. I will generate a random list and the autos will be distributed down the list, same with jerseys and inserts, million card giveaway etc.

If you want a particular base team set, let me know.

Each slot is $50. Half the cost of a jumbo box gets you all the good stuff. No need to pay until I tell you.

Break will occur September 1, 2010. I will do as many cases as there are people that sign up. This may or may not get off the ground. We will see.

1. Fieldlevelview (requested team set of Texans) (paid)
2. Captain Canuck (cowboys team set) (paid)
3. Darkship (Vikings team set)(paid)
4. HEB (No Team Set Requested)(Paid)
5. HEB (No Team Set Requested) (paid)
6. Rich R (Steelers Team set) (paid)
7. Red Bird (Colts and Rams Team set) (paid)
8. Pop startled (ravens team set)(paid)
9. Shane (Lions Team Set) (paid)
10. Colin (Giants team set) (paid)
11. Voluntarheel (Panthers team set) (paid)
12. Gellman (3 rookies base) (paid)


darkship said...

I'm in for the football. I'm seeing right that we pick one team to keep and the other is a random each month, correct? If so I'd like the Vikings as my team, thanks!

beardy said...

Oh, if you are doing football that way, please put me down for the Ravens.

So it's going to be 2008 Sweet Spot? Still a nice set, but as an O's fan, there's much more incentive with '09.

stusigpi said...

@ Darkship Yes, your other team will be randomed to you.

@ Beardy Still waiting for input on the 08 SS. I may just go with two boxes of 2007 Exquisite

Captain Canuck said...

me and Da Boys

Anonymous said...

I am in for the lions. Thanks.

arfmax said...

I'll take one for the football, please put me down for the Cleveland Browns.


Colin said...

I'd like in for the Giants.


In for jets!

Colin said...

Since you have open slots in baseball, I would like to get in on the baseball also. If this is okay, I'll take the Pirates. Also, payment in by Paypal, correct? To what email address should I send this to?

Colin said...

I see the email address now. When you confirm I am in I will send payment of $20.50.

stusigpi said...

Colin, I'll put you down for the pirates. Please, wait to pay for all of your slots at the same time.

beardy said...

Just paid for the O's & Ravens. Not gonna take Oakland this time around.

Ryan said...

I'll join for the football break. I'll take the Bengals. Thanks!

gcrl said...

just paid for sep/oct baseball break (dodgers). thanks!

beardy said...

Have you decided what we're going to be busting for Sept?

Alex said...

paid for baseball

BA Benny said...

I will Take the Mets if I can pay Thursday. Let me know. Thanks.

Voluntarheel said...

If Shane backs out of the Lions, I will take them for the Sept. Football Break.