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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stay tuned for this important announcement

The Autographed Football Masterpieces Patch Set Project is about to commence. I am now 2 cards from 2 complete patch sets. Ocho Cinco and Felix Jones. Every other card I have at least two and some 8 of.

I have several ways I have thought about doing this.

1. Through the mail

Risk, card may get lost, never returned. Players change teams.

Pro: High volume way to get things done

2. In Person, I don't live anywhere near a football city so this would be difficult. Here is my thought. Maybe some of you could help out old Joe Collector and get some of these cards autod in person, whether it be at an event, game or card show.

Pro: In person I know they are real

Con: Cost and I would need lots of cooperation

I have asked before and some of you replied but I will throw it out there again. Have any of you had NFL TTM (Through the mail) success?

Where is the best place to send the cards? To the team? Anyone have mailing addresses they have used or know of?


Captain Canuck said...

I do quite a bit of ttm, or at least I did....

hockey player success 90%

baseball 50%

football 1%

good luck dude. wish I could help... if you ever need any Stampeder autos though....

Swag said...

I do ttm alot and I'd say never send anything more than some base ttm.. Even the best signers occasionally don't return.