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Friday, August 20, 2010

Who is Sportscard girl?

My hit tracker show Manila, Philippines.  Any ideas.  After I questioned her gender and location, she asked me a question about Salem,OR.  She asked about Lancaster Dr.  Bad traffic at times but not too bad.  "She" asked whether it was still "gridlock"  Lancaster is not gridlock.   Anyway, her response after me questioning her location and gender just wasn't what it should have been.

Her comments on blogs are not that of a native english speaker and sometimes are just odd.  She has a bunch of stuff for sale.  I think it is some dude that has family in California and sells cards.  "She" has participated in group breaks and the cards are sent to a US address.


beardy said...

I suspect she is the blogosphere's newest phony, attempting to prey on the myth that all collector's are nerd who never get laid, and rarely get to feast their eyes on an attractive woman.

Makes me sick quite frankly.

All you have to do is watch one video to see she doesn't really know a lot about sports. I suspect there's a dude behind the whole thing, especially since her COMC account has over $20k BV in it.

Ryan said...

I have been researching this as well, and will be posting my findings in the near future. The EXIF Data from the images posted on 'her' blog have an address in San Clemente, CA. Some of the cards she has for sale were also listed on Blowout forums and eBay under different accounts previously. If someone wanted to help me search, I'm sure some of the 1700 cards just sent in to her COMC account have been listed elsewhere previously. That may reveal who is behind this.

Motherscratcher said...

Wait, are you saying that Brandy Ruth AKA Sportscard Girl is just some dude trying to sell cards to us? Well that's just disappointing.

What the hell is this world coming to when you can no longer trust a picture of a smoking hot female on the internets?

Offy said...

I've been starting to get suspicious myself. The blog started out normally, but has since become nothing but constant pimping of contests and cards/boxes for sale. I entered one of the early contests and won a pack of cards (which were shipped from California). Surprise, surprise, it came a sheet of paper asking to promote the site. They tried to make it look like someone has personalized the note, but it was just printed handwriting.

The main thing that clued me in was watching the mini helmet break. Not a clue to be had. The mail day video was pretty funny as well:

*Opens envelope*

It's a numbered Carmello Anthony autograph card.


Who sends a single card in a box that big?

Offy said...
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