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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2009 Sweet Spot Baseball 2 Box Break - September Group Break

T-206 should be here any day. The Sweet Spot Football releases September 15 so be patient on that.

The Red Sox get the dual card.
I did an actual pic instead of a scan because the scan didn't do justice to the color depth of the patch.


Tunguska said...

WOW!! That Billy Williams instantly became the nicest card in my collection!

Good call on the product Beardy!

I lucked out this break. Thanks.

Captain Canuck said...

I think sweet spot only has yankees, red sox and cubs in it.


Charles @ Hoopography said...

Nice stuff. As a Yankees fan though, I have to say too bad Phil Coke was traded.

stusigpi said...

As for high end, 2007 Exquisite is pretty good for spreading the hits, also 2008 sweet spot has a lot of jersey cards in it and seems like a better deal for everyone involved. That's why its important to let me know what you all want to see busted.

I had no idea he had been traded. I just dont keep up on stuff like that.

beardy said...

Um you did redeem that card before posting the code, right?

That is sweet!

stusigpi said...

oh shit. Um,um.

stusigpi said...

Well, it seems that I have screwed the fuck up. I had the wife scan the cards for me and apparently she decided to scratch that off. All she did was send me the html of the first two. The card shows redeemed now. I went and entered the code as soon as I saw your post. I will call UD tomorrow.

beardy said...

Damn. Aside from Ripken, that was the one card I hoped to hit.

Good luck with Upper Deck.