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Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 Topps Jumbo Football 3 case Break condition problems

I have 1 more case in transit and I have busted 3.  Here are the gory details.

As a Rams fan I was really looking forward to pulling a Bradford auto, when I did, I was psyched.  Quick note, I am not a bandwagon jumper.  Kurt Warner was my favorite player and when the Rams dumped him like yesterday's trash, I refused to root for them until Warner retired.

Prior to busting my third case, I busted the group break case inserts, autos and jerseys, but nothing else.  When sorting all the cards for the second case, base cards, inserts and everything else, I noticed that the cards had a lot of bent corners.  They suffered from what I refer to as "corner pull".  This occurs when the wrapper is pulled in a certain direction and the corners are pulled down with it.  The jumbo packs seem to be incredibly susceptible to this due to the way the boxes are packed.  The wrappers are much longer top to bottom than the box is able to accommodate so whoever packs them must bunch the wrapper up or pull it down around the cards. Pulling it down around the cards does the damage to the corners.  The reason why i know this is what happens is because no matter what way the cards are oriented in the pack, the damage is to the same corner i.e. the bottom left hand corner of the pack.  There were entire packs that had the damage, leaving me with literally thousands of damaged cards.  I estimate there are 5000+ damaged cards amongst the 3 cases.

Here is what I found:
Quite a few of these but I had 3 handy
The crimped:


Edge damage:

Now the corners:

Now the subtle that aren't readily noticeable.  I found this issue when I began sorting the base cards.  The way I sort base cards is that I turn them to the back and sort them in to hundreds piles.  1-99, 100-199, 200-299 etc.  Thats when I noticed tons of cards with corner pulls.  Then I checked the inserts, sure enough. 

Fuzzy pic but shows the bend:
See how from straight on the corner just looks blunted? Thats because the corner is bent toward the camera.
Now this one shows how the corner is bent. 

Here is what the damage looks like on most of the cards, but the cards have corner issues in varying degrees


Some of the cards have multiple corners that have issues.  So what should I do?


camclow said...

That seems pretty lazy on the part of Topps. I've pulled some of these damaged Topps cards recently, nothing good enough to send back to Topps and ask for a clean version.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Those crimped ones are super-mojo 1/1's... aren't they?

Are No said...

A bunch of my 2010 Topps Series 2 baseball Jumbo cards were like that too. Atrocious quality control.

beardy said...

That's exactly how my Ginter case was. Mangled edges and hidden bent corners and all. Too a T.

That's what happens when you outsource.

Jay said...

Welcome to the club...

I had the same thing happen on all three boxes of Allen & Ginter.

Its a crying shame.