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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Case splitting

Anyone dying to bust a case of anything?  Any particular case anyone wants to split? 4 ways, 5 ways, 3 ways, 2 ways.  Whatever.  Anything but base topps.


darkship said...

Looking at some products form last year I'd be interested in Donruss Certified if you can find it, and at a good price. Or UD Philadelphia looks like a nice deal, quite a few hits and buybacks. If you're looking at pre-release Topps Platinum looks like a good possibility.

Anonymous said...

I could potentially be interested in last years Donruss Certified football if thats what your talking about the the price is right. Im new to cards and group splits and everything so im looking to learn and possibly get into this from time to time. I notice darkship usually gets all the Vikings which stinks cause im huge Vikings guy but thats cool. lol
ive been watching a ton of youtube box breaks from various ppl and thats where the previous years interest lies cause some of the stuff looks super cool.