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Monday, September 20, 2010

Distributor Applications Submitted

I have submitted my distributor applications to Magazine Exchange and Peach State.  I'll let you know what happens and any issues that I run into.

Its kind of odd because I dont have a retail location, nor credit cards or bank accounts in the business name at this point.  I don't have trade references either.  I talked to someone at Peach State and he basically told me it didn't matter.

Any other distributors that anyone knows of. And I know this much, your card shops are generally robbing you.  There are many shops that charge reasonable prices, but others are just gouging.  I've seen some sell sheets.


Play at the Plate said...

My LCS is a gouger. I try to stay out of there unless I need supplies.

Joe from the D said...

There are 3 shops within 15 minutes of where I live (metro Detroit). One is a complete gouger ($4 a pack for regular UD Baseball?, I worked at one and am no longer allowed in the store (I told the owner how crooked he was when I found him searching packs for hits) and the third is only good for supplies. Their prices are so high I'm surprised they dont charge admission just walking in the place.

I would totally like to get a "supplier" who's on the up & up, gives good prices and doesnt make me get out of my PJ's to visit.

Sign me up Jeff, I want some wax!!

fieldlevelview said...

Both stores here in Austin are .... not good. One is half-decent, but has relatively high prices. Neither make use of the internet in any reliable means although one does use Facebook and such.

Neither have room to trade with others, as the store is long and narrow, with glass display cases on either side and a long table in the middle.

And there's a lot of bitching about how the companies are catering towards retail and killing the hobby. Meh.