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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Donruss Elite Extra Edition Group Break

Is at this point canceled unless I get a few more people.

15 slots. You pick the first team you want. After all 15 slots are filled, I random the remaining teams. It would be $30 for 2 teams. 28 for each additional slot.

Basically there are 20 boxes per case. Each box has 2 autos or gu with plenty of hot boxes of 4-6 autos. These seem to be hobby packs in blaster boxes.

This will be done on Youtube and all cards will be distributed.

Comments on the product would be welcomed.

1. Derek - Braves
2. Motherscratcher - Indians
3. Bonez - Detroit
4. Colin - rangers
5. HEB - Yankees
6. Natscard - expos/nationals
7. auburn 35 - Giants
8. auburn 35 - Reds

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auburn35 said...

This is a very fun and rather inexpensive break, I don't understand why it is taking so long to fill.
If it helps get more interest into this break, I will also take the Arizona Diamondbacks.