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Monday, September 6, 2010

Joy of a Complete Set - 2008 Masterpieces Football Red Parallel Set /199

Honestly I thought this set was going to take much less time. First, the set is only 86 cards due to 4 not being made. Second, there were many more cases of Baseball than Football, thus the insertion rates of reds is higher. Some boxes have 2 and you end up getting about 20-24 per case. In baseball you get 16 and the set is 120 cards.

Regardless I ran into a speedbump when I opened 1 case of Masterpieces Football and the only reds I got were of Early Doucett III. I bought huge lots of these but made little if any headway toward the set and spent hours on end cruising ebay to find them.  I have 8-12 of many players and I average 4 of most players.

I have no idea how some of you do it.  Sets like the Black border A and G minis that are 350 cards?  No way I can do that, I am having enough issues with my Mayo Mini set and Murad, although I am sure I can finish them on comc at any time.  Not so with these sets.  Sportlots, COMC, EBAY, Blowout Forums, etc

I have been actively working on the set for well over a year and for the record, the final card was James Hardy #33.  I got it for free off of Freedom Card Board.

So now I have completed 07 BB both Greens, 08 Baseball and Football Black and Red.  The Baseball reds are not numbered and the Football is /199

Anyway, here they are:


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Fuji said...

Congratulations... one of the nicest products out there and only 199 copies... I'm totally envious.

Play at the Plate said...

Congrats. That is quite a nice looking set.