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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Plain White (more like cream) Envelope Hall of Shame

This is legit Hall of Shame.  None of that letting them in because you like them BS.

First I paid 2.30 for shipping, not a bad price:

and then I get this yesterday:
Yup, that is a postage due PWE.  A single stamp.


TJ said...

You probably should have noticed they were retarded when they listed an Ely Manning card. Just saying.

Thorzul said...

Judging from that return address label, I'm guessing that Hallmark Keepsakes are the bread and butter of Molly's eBay ventures. That bitch needs to keep her nose out of the sports memorabilia business and stick to "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments.

Captain Canuck said...

and a big negative feedback goes to.....

laf said...

0 for shipping and negative feedback! that is ridiculous!

--David said...

On top of the negative feedback, be sure to let 'em know you posted their shenanigans on your site. I'd also report them to eBay. Seriously.

WV: "woodiesp" - Yeap, they do. Though, it ain't easy.