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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Preventing Fakes and damaged Cards in High End

In response to me posting photos of Upper Deck's The Cup, King Felix, AKA Phil says the following:

Ok, let's say all manufacturers were to take overhead photos of all the sets and subsets of patch cards and patch auto cards. Then let's say, one could access these photos online at one's leisure. Then, theoretically, the whole fake patch plague that is ruining this hobby would be over. It is really that simple.

The simple answer is yes. Basically it would take about , not even, a day to do per product because of the way that the product is packed out. Take SP Authentic, if the card is /999 then there are boxes and boxes of the same card because that is how they are shipped to the player for auto and shipped back. So when they are received back, the photos could be taken. It might be a bit crude but the process would get worked out.

Now to the damaged cards in high end issue. Its as simple as Magnetic cases. The process would be set up as an assembly line. The magnetic cases would come by on an assembly line and the cards would be placed in them in their packed out configuration. The cards then would be placed in a box and shipped. You could have 10-20, 10-20 foot long assembly lines running at the same time. The cost per magnetic case is about $1 and I'm sure that UD could get a deal on them. Boxes would have to be Magnetic holder sized and the tins or boxes might have to be a bit bigger.

This may not prevent all damage to higher end cards but it wouldn't hurt. If a seal was placed on the holder then that could prevent fakes as well.

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