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Friday, September 17, 2010

September Football Break

It will occur Monday or Tuesday. I am waiting on the sweet spot box. I am going to refund $5 because I am not going to do the box of topps Jumbo because of the issues that I had with condition problems. There is 1 spot left and good team available. The slots are $20. I will put the randomizer up tomorrow.

1. Vikings - Darkship (paid)
2. Ravens - Beardy (paid)
3. Colts - HEB (paid)
4. Broncos - Red Bird (paid)
5. Cowboys - Captain Canuck (paid)
6. Shane - Lions (paid)
7. Arfmax - Browns (paid)
8. Dan Giants (paid)
9. Voluntarheel - Panthers (paid)
10. Rich R - Steelers (paid)
11. Schwartz - Jets (paid)
12. Ryan - Bengals (paid)
13. Derek - Titans (paid)
14. Ric - Packers (paid)
15. Dan - Chargers
16. Red Bird - Dolphins


Derek said...

I will probably take another team can you post which teams are taken.

Derek said...

I'll take the Chargers as well.

beardy said...

Can you possibly replace the Topps box with something else? Hate to be a complainer, but I'd rather have another box than my $5 back.

Ryan said...

Silly question... but why wouldn't you just ask us all what we would like to bust instead, and use the money for that?

stusigpi said...

ok what do you all want to break in the $75-$90 range?

Ryan said...

How much is a box of Platinum?

beardy said...

Blowout has them on sale for $90 this weekend. I'd be down for Platinum as well. If not, would 2010 Elite be possible?