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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The September Football Group Break - The Platinum Saga

Around the middle of August things were going awesome.  I had low prices locked in on Topps Football Jumbo.  I had everything ordered and ready to go.  Then things changed.

I realized, found out, that Sweet Spot was not coming out until September 15.  My Jumbo cases arrived and bam, the quality control was junk and I was stuck with 40 lbs of worthless cards.  I decided to just drop the jumbo box from the monthly break and then was talked into busting a box of Topps Platinum.

Like a responsible group breaker I immediately purchased the box of Topps Platinum in this auction.  I then start the wait for a tracking number.  It doesn't show up.  Before I found that auction I had put in an offer on this auction and early the next morning the offer was accepted.  I emailed the seller from the first auction with no response and then notice that negative feedback is piling up.  So I filed a paypal claim.

I have received a tracking number on the second auction and hopefully those boxes will be here tomorrow or the next day.  USPS doesn't give an estimated delivery date.  Essentially most everything that can go wrong for a group break has gone wrong, but in a short time the platinum will arrive, the box will be busted and the cards will be mailed.

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Ryan said...

Any update on the box yet?