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Monday, September 20, 2010

Tales from the cardshop - The first steps

Here we go:

Quick backstory. I always wanted to go to law school. Perry Mason reruns and such. About Fall of 2000 I was going nowhere. One night I downloaded the law school application, filled it out and here I am. I finally got sick of talking about it and did it.

Fast forward to January of 2009 and I announced that I was opening a card shop. The plan was to get it open in fall of last year and have my dad run it when he retired. As per usual, life got in the way. My dad got laid off 4 months before retirement and had to start looking for work. It delayed his retirement. I still intended on doing so, but kind of last track of time.

Doing the group breaks over the months, I hated the constant back and forth of prices, shipping games, etc. I started looking for a west coast distributor and realized that Magazine Exchange, here in Oregon, and Peach State are two accessable distros. But you have to be a business to order.

So last night, I registered with the State of Oregon as I am Joe Collector Sportscards. That was step 1. Step 2 is getting my accounts at the distributors.

I am mainly going to be in business selling wax for as cheap as I can. my real costs are going to be Paypal fees, shipping and ebay fees. I am going to sell the cards for as little margin as I can to bring everyone the best prices with no bullshit. My target net margin is 10% because I dont have a storefront at this time and I am keeping my day job. Shipping boxes is easy and I plan on shipping everything Priority flat Rate. 24 hour shipping and doesn't take more than 3 days. I hate waiting a week for cards.



TJ said...

Can I just drive down to your house and haggle over your prices then buy nothing and drive back to Portland?

Are No said...

Sounds pretty good! G'luck.

Captain Canuck said...

start your own website, even if it is just another blog on blogger.

keep it seperate from your ramblings here ;)

and most important, remember to give even better deals to those northern neighbours who have been here from the beginning ...

cynicalbuddha said...

Hell ya. As long as you ship up to Alaska I'm in. I've been meaning to try and get in on a group break but Thorzul keeps taking my teams and by the time I see the post it's usually full but I'll persist. Good luck. It's been a dream on mine to open my own comic/card store too.

Sal said...

I'd agree with starting a website, but make the blog part of it, and not separate from it.

Many businesses have integrated blogs into their website to help gain traffic. Your blog already gets a lot of hits (I assume), so I'd do what I could to integrate it with your business.

Derek said...

Good Luck! I hope it all works out!!!