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Friday, September 3, 2010

Topps Jumbo Group Break auto/Jersey assignement

Let me know what else you guys want to know that you got.  Golds, 52's?

1.7. Red Bird (Colts and Rams Team set) (paid) Tim Tebow
2.3. Darkship (Vikings team set)(paid) - Jordy Nelson
3.2. Captain Canuck (cowboys team set) (paid) - Ben Tate
4.5. HEB (No Team Set Requested) (paid) - Dennis Dixon
5.9. Shane (Lions Team Set) (paid)- Marques Colston
6.6. Rich R (Steelers Team set) (paid) - Chad Henne
7.11. Voluntarheel (Panthers team set) (paid) - Nate Burleson
8.12. Gellman (3 rookies base) (paid) - Riley Cooper
9.10. Colin (Giants team set) (paid) - Jordy Nelson
10.1. Fieldlevelview (requested team set of Texans) (paid)- Michael Jenkins
11.8. Pop startled (ravens team set)(paid) - Joe Webb
12.4. HEB (No Team Set Requested)(Paid) - Jacoby Ford

1.7. Red Bird (Colts and Rams Team set) (paid) - Joe Mcknight
2.8. Pop startled (ravens team set)(paid) - Kevin Kolb
3.5. HEB (No Team Set Requested) (paid) - Lee Evens
4.1. Fieldlevelview (requested team set of Texans) (paid) - Steve Breaston
5.6. Rich R (Steelers Team set) (paid) - Brandon Marshall
6.12. Gellman (3 rookies base) (paid) - AJ Hawk
7.3. Darkship (Vikings team set)(paid)
8.4. HEB (No Team Set Requested)(Paid)
9.9. Shane (Lions Team Set) (paid)
10.10. Colin (Giants team set) (paid)
11.11. Voluntarheel (Panthers team set) (paid)
12.2. Captain Canuck (cowboys team set) (paid)

Rookie Variation
Ndamukong Suh - Fieldlevelview


darkship said...

Hey Pop, want to trade your Joe Webb for my Jordy Nelson??

fieldlevelview said...

Pop Startled: Interested in trading the Kolb Jersey for my Breaston or my auto?

I'd be interested in knowing what else I got, sure. And i'm interested in trading for any inserts of the players I collect!

Colin said...

CC - Interested in Jordy Nelson for Ben Tate. Also, I would be agreeable to dealing anything. Let me know what is of interest.