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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Triple Threadiness

Earlier today I got an Email from King Felix:

Hey Joe Collector,

What do you think of the new 2010 Topps Triple Threads Baseball? $160
a box or more for 2 packs of cards. I know you weren't a fan in the
past, but are you more impressed with the new stuff? They have some on
card autos now, and the new stickers are way better, don't ya think? I
like how there are more Felix's this year, and the All Star patches
are way cool. What say you?

Here was my Response:

I still wouldn't buy boxes per say. It is still a singles product and their are some nice singles out there. The only way I would say to buy boxes is if you came across a sealed case and then bought 5-8 boxes to see if you could nail the case hit.

I don't hate the product as much as Gellman does, I just think the boxes are a rip off.


This product on the wax level makes me sick to my stomach. Check out breaks here, here, and here and over here at Wax Pack Relapse.

Here is the problem, sure if you yank some of these cards you did pretty well but look at some of these auctions from 2009 Triple threads. Here, here, here here and maybe here

Why is that a problem?  Remember these are $162 a box and make no mistake, this is a hit product.  Serial numbered base cards are not worth anything of note.  In other words you can lose $120 a box on this stuff.  The singles are damn nice, especially for team and player collectors.

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