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Monday, October 25, 2010

2010-11 Panini Certified Hockey - Brought to you by Panini

Panini was nice enough to send me a box of 2010-11 Certified Hockey.  I am much more into Hockey than many people realize.  I used to buy 90-91 Score, Proset, UD 1990-94, Stadium Club, Topps.  I've also done a group break on my blog.  First thing I noticed about the box is that the packs were secure.  In the past I have had a bunch of damaged cards come out of Donruss boxes.  I didn't notice any in this box, but beware of peeling foil.  These cards felt like they were quality and Panini may be working on that issue.

Basically you get either a hit, parallel or insert per pack.  Honestly I could do without the inserts, and without them the parallel sets might be easier to put together.

Base Cards: These are typical Panini Fare again, but the hockey photos fit this style much better than football in my opinion.  It may be the color combinations and how colorful the Hockey Uniforms are.  I didn't get any double so collation was good.

Draft Pick /500

The Bryzgalov is /100, Miller is /500, Price is /250. Lindros is /250

The Elliott is 4/5.  The Patch is actually 3 color with a little bit of white and is a single piece

Hamill /99

Neal /250

This is where things get good.  The Wellman is /250 but is on card.    Panini did a great job with this card as they have a nice large signing area so the auto shows up nicely and the card feels of high quality.  This is a big step forward for Panini from where they were a few month ago.

This is a Pavel Datsyuk Mirror Gold Auto /25.  Delivery Time 4 months
So there you have it.  I have no idea whether this is a representative sample of what you should expect from a box of these.  The only negative from my perspective is the single color jerseys are added for the sake of making a hit count, but with on card autos and patches, I really can't complain.  Boxes are $89 at DA, $81.90 at Blowout, $79.95 at Big T, $92 at Atlanta, and $82 at OCS.  If you are a retailer and want your price and link in my reviews let me know

4 out of 5 Joes recommend this product


darkship said...

For a hockey product I really like this. Panini does a nice job with all of their "Certified" products. Nice box as well, most I've seen have 5 hits like yours even without a redemption in them. Looking forward to maybe winning that patch/auto in whatever contest you come up with. Oh and your redemption info for those who don't know...

Card 51
Pavel Datsyuk
C- Detroit Red Wings
Numbered out of 25

Todd Uncommon said...

What, wait? UD lost their exclusive NHL license? When did that happen?

Wow. That means that UD lost the exclusive for the 4th of the "big four" sports? And still isn't licensed to make any of the other three?

How long can that last?

I bet the NCAA feels stupid right about now. You just can't be the Upper Deck of old on college, soccer, and lacrosse cards. At least not in this country.

SIXTYfeetSIXinches said...

Trading the Datsyuk? I'm interested.

Anonymous said...

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