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Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 Panini Crown Royale Football - Finally

I'll spare everyone the sticker argument. Everyone knows how I feel about that. Two things I want to talk about. First here are the cards:

I dig the Bills patch cards, the blue, black and Silver look good.  The two things I want to talk about are: First, innovation.  These cards are unlike most anything we have seen and so Panini must be applauded for design on these cards.  They look good.  Also we don't have to suffer with tiny pictures of players: 

These are mock ups so the pics are a bit fuzzy.  That's why the quality doesn't seem there.  There is only one series of cards that arguably looks like these, but in concept only. Actually now that I have looked at the examples, these might be production cards.  Some cards just don't scan well, that's why I often use pics instead of scans

The die cut is there, but not even close.

Second, Panini has designed these cards with preventing fakes in mind.  I am sure fakers will figure out a way to put SIK LOGOZ and MAD NASTY MOJO PATCHZ into these, but the cards look like they would sustain substantial damage if they did so.  Only a few other cards have done this:

Well done Panini

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