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Sunday, October 31, 2010

***FULL**** 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball and Football Group Case Break - New Lower Prices

TRADING OF TEAMS ALLOWED! Wrappers will be randomed for the wrapper redemption. Info on redemption. Autos added to redemption.

1 case of Football
1 case of Baseball
Atlanta Sports Cards

The Baseball will be 31 slots because of the USA. Each team will be random. No picking teams. And each slot will be $17.50. $2.00 discount for each multiple slot.

1. Beardy (paid)
2. Beardy (paid)
3. Red Bird (paid)
4. Tcoker 79 (paid)
5. Tcoker 79 (paid)
6. Motherscratcher (paid)
7. Motherscratcher (paid)
8. HEB (paid)
9. HEB (paid)
10. Fieldlevelview (paid)
11. Pop Startled (Paid)
12. Derek (paid)
13. Play at the Plate (paid)
14. Play at the Plate (paid)
15. Dennis (paid)
16. Dennis (paid)
17. Grand Cards (paid)
18 Dan Rauer (paid)
19 Dan Rauer (paid)
20. Jay (paid)
21. King Felix (paid)
22. PhaLe28 (paid)
23. Red Bird (paid)
24. Red Bird (paid)
25. Sixty Feet Six Inches (paid)
26. Grand Cards (paid)
27. Shane (paid)
28. PhaLe28 (paid)
29. Play at the Plate (paid)
30. Pop Startled (paid)
31. Pop Startled (paid)

Football will be random. Each slot is random 32 slots and $21 a slot. $2.00 discount for each multiple slot.BTW, the base cards will be mixed up a bit, people will get not more than 2 of each veteran base cards from their team. So you won't get 12 Wes Welkers, but you do get every rookie from your team, refractor, etc.

1. Shane (paid)
2. Shane (paid)
3. Fieldlevelview (paid)
4. Arfmax (paid)
5. HEB (paid)
6. HEB (paid)
7. Rich R (paid)
8. Rich R (paid)
9. Kurt V (paid)
10. popstartled (paid)
11. Ric K (paid)
12. Ric K (paid)
13. Derek (paid)
14. Bobby (paid)
15. Bobby (paid)
16. Bobby (paid)
17. Rick K (paid)
18. Red Bird (paid)
19. Red Bird (paid)
20. Red Bird (paid)
21. Red Bird (paid)
22. Rich R (paid)
23. Rich R (paid)
24. CS
25. Bobby (paid)
26. Bobby (paid)
27. Rich R (paid)
28. PhaLe28
29. Rich R (paid)
30. pcarrillo04 (paid)
31. pcarrillo04 (paid)
32. Kurt V (paid)


Derek said...

I will take one slot in each

Dennis said...

Can I claim two spots in the baseball break for Dennis and Aaron? Thanks

Bobby said...

Ill take 3 football slots, assuming we can trade teams between random and break

Grand Cards said...

I'll take a slot in the baseball break if you random off lots of 24 wrappers to the participants for the redemption

SIXTYfeetSIXinches said...

After much internal debate I'm in for one baseball slot. Man I hope someone will trade me the Braves or Tigers...


I'll take a slot in Chrome football

Anonymous said...

Give me one for baseball please

Pop Startled said...

I'll take two more baseball slots. Pay you Friday. What'll be the total?

stusigpi said...

Total will be $33 for 2 slots

PhaLe28 said...

I will take a slot in football - slot # 28, please.

Bobby said...

ill take 2 more football so we can get it full

beardy said...

Payment sent, but I sent you a couple dollars too much.

I guess just put it towards the next break. Or consider it a bribe, and pull me something good. I'm fine with it either way.

GA Mindset said...

I keep missing out on your breaks! This would have been a good one to get into. Looks like I'll be looking out for more.

Bobby said...

When is the random/break for these?

stusigpi said...

Random will be up Halloween before 9pm. Cases will be delivered thursday or friday and the break will occur that day.