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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The card that smells like an ashtray and what to do about it.

The other day I upgraded my Masterpieces Favre Patch to:
The card arrived today safely secure in a magnetic case.  I took it out to put it in a soft sleeve and then into a toploader.  Man was I in for a treat.  The card smelled like an ashtray.  You know that dread of that stale smoke smell.  Unfortunately this has happened to me before, fortunately I know how to fix the issue.

The fix is simple yet time consuming.  Here is how its done.  Place the card between two brown cardboard pack blanks for a few hours.  Then you have to change the bandage and use two other blanks.  The brown cardboard works much better than the pressed bleached paper blanks.  After a couple hours switch them again and then let them sit over night.  The smell will be reduced substantially and you can do this as long as it takes to get the smell to an acceptable level.

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Swag said...

I bought a Ripken Auto JSA ball that I sniped real cheap. Great right? Nope. Ball, COA, and UV cube all smell like smoke. Not cigarette smoke mind you, friggen cigars.