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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everybody was Group Break Fighting - A Reader Writes

Reader Red Bird Writes:

I have been participating in your group breaks for a while and stay out of the discussion but I do not want to see them end. Personally I hate some of the products that you pick, but love some of them. Reading the comments over the months I have noticed that there are a lot of people that complain about the box picks and rightfully so. If you are interested I have an idea.

Instead of having 30 slots with bad teams left over every month why don't you make 10 slots? Each person gets to pick 1 team and then the leftover teams randomized to each slot. So each slot is 3 teams and I think each slot should be $50. I also think that we should get to pick the boxes. I like Triple Threads but you refuse to add that to the list. I also like Tribute. I think the first month the person in slot 1 gets to pick and then the second month the person in slot 2 gets to pick. You get no veto power and I think you should spend $440 of the money on the boxes.

Red Bird

I cleaned up the email a bit to make it make a little bit more sense. Comments?


TheBrooklynMet said...

As someone who happily participated in your breaks for I think 5 consecutive months with a team that I enjoyed (Rockies) but was not my team (Mets), I think that if that person had so many suggestions he or she should start his or her own group break.

Since you are making all the effort to run the breaks, I think you should have ultimate control over what product gets picked. I'm sure coordinating everything (like price) and getting all the teams selected is hard enough as it is.

I also, personally, liked the lower price tag that you worked on and found the levels fair (since the yankees and red sox get a majority of the killer hits, it is only fair that they pay a bit more). At the same time, I am not personally interested in any of the huge name teams with lengthy histories from which memorabilia cards can be drawn.

But maybe that is just me. Anyway, thank you again for the running the group breaks this past summer.

Captain Canuck said...

two things...

I've been in every break since the beginning, and while everything hasn't necessarily been roses, I always had the chance to opt out. But I didn't. The pros always outweighed the cons. Thanks for doing them, and saving me the pain in the ass for trying to do them myself. I know how much work they are.

and second, thanks to your witty title, now I have that damn song going through my head....

Play at the Plate said...

Wow, that's something. I like group breaks so I can get some Rangers without carrying all the risk of buying the boxes. Sure, you don't get a hit every time, but the chance that you might is part of the fun. I can't imagine running a group break, especially every single month, but if I did, I would make it participant friendly, but I would still run it. I don't know why you or anyone would run a group break in which they get no say about which products get opened. I'll miss the breaks, but I sure don't blame you for not wanting to do it all the time.

Dan said...

When I was in them for many months in the past, I liked them very much, especially the chance to see/receive cards from high end boxes like Sweet Spot, Exquisite, Ultimate, and the like. It also worked well for products like Topps T206 and Chrome. I just haven't been able to participate lately, I was planning on coming back in November with any team, really.

My only small criticism is that people got really stuck to their teams. But that's not the fault of you.

My favorite break (because they weren;t all Mets cards for me) was the 2009 Finest case break (which was really hard for you), the 2008 UD Masterpiece case split was awesome as well. I liked the breaks that had 2007 Exquisite...5 hits spread among different teams.

After November 1, I'll be back for case splits if you ever do them again.

stusigpi said...

I had an email exchange with Beardy earlier today. Essentially what I told him was that logistics have been a bitch lately. Price, availability, shipping time, etc have been a real challenge. Within the month of september I had the damaged card debacle and two different sellers not come through with boxes.

On the availability issue, 2009 Sweet Spot is only available from DA. Exquisite is only available from Atlanta and the price keeps going up and down. Ultimate is way too expensive.

Similarly, shipping always takes 7 days at least. With the release schedule being the way it is and with delayed releases, 2010 Sweet Spot Football, there is always a chance that the breaks will be ill timed.

On the team issue. I always end up with unfilled teams, which isn't too big of an issue. The funny thing is that these teams like the diamondbacks usually end up with hits.

Product Selection is always an issue. I would like to be able to get 2 boxes of exquisite or a box of ultimate or premier from 08 and older. I like opening the high end stuff and those hits are always cool.

I think Red Bird has some good points though. I don't really have a problem letting the participants pick the product. It might allow people to pick up nice cards that I don't know about. Also, having 10-15 slots with each slot being 2-3 teams isn't terrible. I will say on the cost issue and the money I put into the products, I have ended up in the red some months but thats the way it goes.

Let me say this, the breaks will most likely be back. Right now I have a backlog of the September breaks and getting those cards out. Frankly it all started with the Topps Jumbo mess.

What I do want is input on what people want. Do you want Triple Threads and Tribute and other stuff I don't even consider opening. Would you rather that I ship less often and you get 3 months worth per package? This would lower the cost by $1.75 a month or so. Would you rather there were less slots?

beardy said...

I like the less slots idea, and also enjoy the high-end slot breaks. It's nice to get cards of your favorite team, but in my case, there just aren't that many nice Orioles cards in low/mid end products. Having the chance to pick up another random team or two to use as trade bait is fine by me, especially if the cost for 3 teams comes in between $50-$70.

Logistically though, you're going t have to find a way to organize your page so the breaks and all info is easy to locate.

I also have to echo what the Cap'n said about having the chance to opt out, but choosing not to. Obviously we all stayed for a reason, even if things didn't always go exactly right.

Please bring back the higher-end slot breaks! Those are always fun.

Alex said...

I like the breaks and would be interested in participating in any manner.

I would hate to get locked out of a limited/10 person break although it would be fun to get more teams.

Tunguska said...

I have enjoyed the breaks "as is" since being in them. I have also noticed the time and work that goes into organizing them and trying to make them fair and appealing. You want the person who has the Rays to be just as excited as the person who claims the Yankees. That is hard to do.

Your breaks are also known for incorporating high end product for exceptionally affordable prices. I have never, and more than likely will never, purchased a box of 'Sweet Spot'. However, through these breaks you have made it affordable for me to do so. The selection of high end product MUST be coupled with affordability. That is your signature.

If the number of available spots decreased, as is suggested by the 3 Team randomization process, then you run the risk of excluding 2/3 of the people who showed up every month.

Product selection could possibly be put up for discussion, but, to be honest I like the fact that you do all the work and I just get to sit back and watch videos and reap the rewards. I'm lazy like that.

As for the quarterly shipping idea, I would have to vote a soild "No". I would rather see the fruits of YOUR labour every month and get them in hand than waiting 3 months for cards.

Bottom line is, what you had going worked fine. No sense in fixing what isn't broken. If people want to complain, let them. In our day and age now, the squeeky wheel no longer gets the grease, it gets replaced by a wheel that does not squeek.

Derek said...

I think you do a great job I would just like to have the chance to get in on "my" team the braves every once in a while. I have a feeling that I'll probably jump in with any team but would rather have a shot at my team of choice sometimes.

King Felix 4 CY said...

I had 3 teams, so 50 bucks would actually be LESS than I was paying, so I'd no doubt be in.

BA Benny said...

I have really enjoyed the breaks you presented since I got in a little while back. I have not had the best luck when it comes to hits (til this month) but thats all part of the fun. I would not buy %75 of the stuff you break and thats whats good, I have a shot at getting stuff I wouldn't normally buy. As far as the format, I like it and the price structure is great. I don't want to, nor can I afford to spend $50 a month so I would be against a price increase with added teams that I may only collect 1 player from if any, plus it gives more people a chance to participate. A combination of some of the teams that you don't get takers on each month at a discount may be a way to cut some of your losses. I hope at some point in the future you resume doing baseball breaks as you are very good at it. Thanks for all the hard work in the past breaks.

RoofGod said...

Having been around these breaks since the beginning I first off want to thank you for running these breaks. I am hoping that when (if?) the breaks return that the format is relatively unchanged. The major reason that I participate is that I know that I am getting cards of players or a team that I like and want, the random team option would most definitely put me out as I have no real interest in any other teams than my Tigers. I like the mix of high and low end product as these breaks have enabled me to pick up cards from sets that I probably would never purchase as I am a collector on an extremely limited budget. That is all hope to be able to participate in the future.