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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Am Joe Collector Value Alert - Basketball Edition - Panini Style

See it here

You are crazy not to pick up some of this if you are a basketball guy.


Offy said...

I just picked up a box of Hall of Fame over the weekend for a nickel more than this price. Even when Panini gets it right as far as design, they put so many clunkers into the packs that it scares people off. This stuff is still pretty new and it's already selling for almost half of the MSRP. That's really sad and it's really something that Panini should pay attention to. The HOF set has some of the best looking basketball cards in the past few years from any company and is full of on-card autographs, but they produced too many of the cards that people aren't interested in. I would have been willing to pay a lot more for a box where it was a little easier to pull a Bird, Magic, Malone, Robinson, Russell, etc. It not in autographed form at least in USA jersey card form.

stusigpi said...

From a resale perspective the autos may be "clunkers"; however, from a collectors perspective I would say they are anything but. Here is why. There are autos of players that haven't been in any other releases and the players are significant in basketball.

As I said, no one should rip and flip this product but getting 2 hard signed autos and a jersey card for $53 isn't bad. Too often we want a Class A auto in every pack.

This reminds me of the auto checklist in Philly. Lance Briggs, Haynesworth et al are players you don't see often.

Offy said...

At $53 it's a great value, but at the MSRP of $100 it wasn't close. Yes, they are significant autographs, but when certain players show up so much more often than anyone else, those cards are easy to pick up cheaply on the secondary market for next to nothing taking away some of the specialness. It's not even a resale perspective that makes them clunkers, but when you can pick up two to three times the number of cards that some in a box on the secondary market for the price of a box then it makes it a much less appealing break. You're not getting much for base cards so there should be something of note in each box.

It's not even autos that I would want from those players. I wish you were guaranteed at least one USA card per box even if it is just a base card because this year's induction was all about the Dream Teams. The various USA cards that they did in the set are amazing and the jersey versions of the cards look beautiful. I'd love to see more of those available.

stusigpi said...

That's fair. At $100 this was a crappy deal.

Not sure why in a product of this price point that Panini didn't make better use of high demand jersey and patches.

The worst, absolute worst use of bad jerseys is 09 Ultimate football. Nothing like dropping $60 ($80+ msrp) and getting 6 single color swatches. Every pack should have an auto at that price point. The names in ultimate are great, but I dont know any single color jersey that goes for more than $30