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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ITG Takes a Swing at Baseball

Ok, that was bad but oh well.  ITG tells me they will have updated sell sheets and/or artwork out on Monday.

In The Game "Hits" the baseball card market
The Game is proud to officially announce that we will be expanding into the baseball card market early in 2011.

2011 Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will be the company's first foray into the world of baseball cards as we will be looking to expand on the brand's long-standing success with hockey card collectors.

For collectors that are familiar with the company's releases for the hockey card market, Heroes and Prospects is immediately associated with bringing the first autograph cards of hockey's brightest young stars to the hobby. Since the 2004-05 season, the Heroes and Prospects brand has seen the cardboard debuts of such big names as Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, John Tavares, Steven Stamkos, Patrick Kane, Carey Price and many other current and future superstars.

"Over the past few years, In The Game's Heroes and Prospects releases have remained among the most popular on the hockey card market and as the brand heads into its seventh season, we wanted to extend it into the baseball card market," said In The Game's President, Dr. Brian Price. "Our deep appreciation for the amazing history of the sport of baseball allows us to also go after some great names that are sure to appeal to collectors and we look forward to producing something that is sure to stand out in the marketplace."

Each box of 2011 In The Game Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will contain four cards - all Hits! Authentic Autographs or Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia.

"We feel that the hobby is always moving in different directions, by making this product, it allows us to focus on what many collectors want the most - the 'hits'," said Price. "The limited nature of the product is sure to create a buzz among collectors and we look forward to a bright future in this part of the trading card market."

On average, there will be 3.5 Prospect Autographs per box and every other box will contain one Heroes Cut Signature or Heroes Game-Used Memorabilia card featuring some of the greatest players to step out onto the diamond.

The premier edition of In The Game Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will be extremely limited. Confirmed prospects for this landmark release include Jason Heyward and Tim Beckham, who are two of the hottest players in the hobby today.

As for the Heroes component of this product, look for Heroes Cut Signatures or limited Heroes Game-Used Memorabilia cards. The company has put together a great group of living and deceased legends for this release and the Cuts will include such names as Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Hank Aaron.

In The Game has a solid reputation as a trading card manufacturer that listens to collectors and Price is looking forward to the direction his company is taking by stepping into the baseball card market.

"Who knows what direction that the success of 2011 Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will take us," said Price. "If our new products appeal to enough collectors, I would love to see an expansion into the basketball and football prospect market as well. Only time will tell if we can accomplish this, but with the support of collectors we can certainly work hard to deliver what they want to see."
I asked the ITG rep and he said that the autos are sticker.  No MSRP yet.  Release in January with Series 2 a bit later. Thoughts?

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cynicalbuddha said...

Wow that in the Seams card looks an awful lot like a Sweet Spot card. Looks like the autos are on card which is nice. I wonder how much this will set you back?