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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September Football Break - The Platinum Box

is nowhere to be found.  As I said in past posts.  2 different sellers, 3 boxes and not one of them arrived.  One seller has disappeared and I have filed a paypal claim.  The second seller sent me a tracking number and the post office claims they never got the package.  I have asked for a refund and he has yet to respond.

Due to time constraints, I am going to ship the cards tomorrow, and send along a $5 bill as a refund to each of you.  If you would rather take it off of next months baseball break then let me know by tomorrow afternoon. 

Darkship,, Red Bird, HEB, Rich R your  Philly cards and others are going out tomorrow as well.  Cards are sorted and packed.


Derek said...

Thanks for the update, sorry that you had to go through so much trouble.

beardy said...


Might seem like a silly question now, but why didn't you pick up a box from one of the more reputable sources. I know there were a few places that had them on sale right around the time you were looking to buy. Not to mention that on your post about the Chrome case break, you said "When you buy boxes on ebay or from some retailers there is no telling where the boxes come from." I guess we need to add "or if they'll even come at all".

Totally not busting your balls. I know it's not easy to run 20 group breaks a month.

Captain Canuck said...

what am I going to do with $5 in funny money?

Ryan said...

Well that sucks. The only reason I joined the break was for the Jumbo box, and that was taken off the table just because you didn't like how your cases ended up. You weren't even in this football break, and decided for all of us that you weren't going to bust Jumbo without even asking.

Then you decide to order from ebay instead of Blowout for some reason. Now you're sending 15 people $5 for a total of $75. The break took in $337.50 to $375, depending on who got the $2.50 discount for being in other breaks. Minus paypal fees of $12-$14, that still leaves up to $360 bucks for 2 boxes of Ultimate ($120 total) and 1 Sweet Spot ($80). $160 left to ship to 15 people, none more than $2-3 now because no bulk cards from jumbo. Include $5 bill for each, and that's $40-55 leftover. Some profit is fine, but not when you change the break after the fact, and then just decide $5 covers it.

To be honest, I'd rather have a full refund. I took the Bengals as my team knowing I couldn't get any cards out of Ultimate or Sweet Spot, so Jumbo was the only hope. Then Platinum was a second chance, but we don't even get that. I don't even think I have any cards to be sent to me, so basically I just paypal'd you $25 for a $5 bill, 2 months later.

stusigpi said...


I get that you are pissed off.

First, The topps jumbo boxes that I busted ended up with so many damaged cards that I scrapped it. I didn't want to buy and bust yet another box with that situation.

Second, Your math is so far off. There are 16 slots. $5 per slot = $80. So even assuming that the break took in $400, which it didn't, I am down to $320. The sweet spot box was $90 because I ordered it in a timely fashion. That leaves $230. The ultimate boxes were $120. So that leaves $110. Shipping ends up being about $3 with delivery confirmation. So that leaves $65without subtracting paypal fees. Plus I put out the money for 3 boxes of Platinum because that is what you all wanted just trying to get 1 here.

Ironically, the reason that I didn't order from Blowout or Atlanta is because prices were quite a bit higher then and it takes 7-10 days for the boxes to arrive, thus I tried to get the boxes here as quickly as possible. I also didn't purchase the boxes from some dude. I ordered them from Ebay dealers that seemed to have quite a few boxes of the stuff. Just because both deals went south doesn't me you get pissed at me, I had $200 plus hanging out there for these platinum boxes.

Ryan said...

How is my math off?

Your quote:

"So that leaves $65 without subtracting paypal fees."

My quote:

"Include $5 bill for each, and that's $40-55 leftover."

Paypal fees are $15, which puts your top number at $50.

I don't even care about the money leftover, what I care about is you not even asking anyone before deciding on your own to not use Jumbo in there break. The fact that you made any money on the group break with it being so poorly executed is beside the point.

I get that you had problems with your cases, but you offered a break with one product, and decided since you didn't like it, you'd pull it out and send us $5 each. Then only after we complained and asked for a replacement box, did you offer that solution. Now we are back to the $5, AGAIN without asking us first. None of use care if we have to wait another 2-5 days to get the final box for the break. Every single person in the break would rather have the shot at a hit instead of $5, but even though it's our money, we don't get that option.

This whole break has been a clusterfuck, even before the Platinum issues. I don't understand why you couldn't simply say "hey guys, since my Jumbo cases were subpar, I was thinking of switching to another product for the break", and then ask us what we'd like. Instead, it was "I decided since I had bad luck with Jumbo, everyone gets $5 back".

stusigpi said...

Your math is off because of the underlying numbers used.

Listen, i'm not going to argue with you. You're pissed, sorry.

stusigpi said...

Anyway, I am going to be doing a Platinum Group Case break and anyone that was involved with this break will get a discount on that break.

Although group breaks don't seem to be filling up these days, not just on my blog but even ATL sportscards is having issues, Field level view, etc.

Ryan said...

I realize my initial numbers were off, I forgot it was an NFL break, not MLB, but it didn't effect the final numbers.

The only thing I'm pissed about is that you are not giving us options.

If I did this on my blog, I would have gone out and bought a Platinum box at an LCS if I had to, even at loss of money to me, to make it right. You're taking this whole thing very lightly from a customer service standpoint, at the very same time you're trying to get a retail card business started.

You're risking losing people who visit your site, send you money, and would probably order hobby boxes from you, all for $5 each or the cost of a Platinum box.

It shows that as a business person, you're not willing to do whatever it takes to correct the situation. Instead, you just come up with what works easiest for you without asking the people who paid for the break. You messed up on this break, I get it, it happens to everyone. It's what happens after that determines our satisfaction with the outcome. A $5 bill isn't it, for anyone. But it seems like we don't get a say in that for some reason.

You'll put a poll up on your site asking what your readers think you should do about YOUR cases, but won't put up a simple poll asking what those in the group break would like to do about the missing box?

stusigpi said...

I have the post up to ask people what they want and no one has commented so.......