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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Topps Chrome Baseball and Football Group Break Randomizer

Trade through Wednesday night at (I've changed my mind) Midnight PST.

I messed up the USA slot so I will need to re random baseball:

1. Beardy (paid)- TWins
2. Beardy (paid) - Orioles
3. Red Bird (paid) - Cardinals
4. Tcoker 79 (paid) - Rays
5. Tcoker 79 (paid) - Jays
6. Motherscratcher (paid)- Dbacks
7. Motherscratcher (paid) - Indians
8. HEB (paid) - A's
9. HEB (paid) - Mariners
10. Fieldlevelview (paid) - Padres
11. Pop Startled (Paid) - Braves
12. Derek (paid) - Phillies
13. Play at the Plate (paid) - Cubs
14. Play at the Plate (paid) - Dodgers
15. Dennis (paid) - Tigers
16. Dennis (paid) - USA Slot
17. Grand Cards (paid) - royals
18 Dan Rauer (paid) - White Sox
19 Dan Rauer (paid) - Rockies
20. Jay (paid) - Nationals
21. King Felix (paid) - Marlins
22. PhaLe28 (paid) - Reds
23. Red Bird (paid) - Giants
24. Red Bird (paid) - Brewers
25. Sixty Feet Six Inches (paid) - Rangers
26. Grand Cards (paid) - Yankees
27. Shane (paid) - Angels
28. PhaLe28 (paid) - Red Sox
29. Play at the Plate (paid) - Astros
30. Pop Startled (paid) - Pirates
31. Pop Startled (paid) - Mets

There were 30 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1.Boston Red Sox 1901
2.San Diego Padres 1969
3.Houston Astros 1962
4.Toronto Blue Jays 1977
5.Detroit Tigers Detroit 1901
6.Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961
7.New York Mets 1962
8.Los Angeles Dodgers 1890
9.Milwaukee Brewers 1969
10.St. Louis Cardinals 1882
11.Texas Rangers 1961
12.New York Yankees 1901
13.Seattle Mariners 1977
14.Florida Marlins 1993
15.Kansas City Royals 1969
16.Chicago Cubs 1870
17.Cleveland Indians 1901
18.Tampa Bay Rays 1998
19.Washington Nationals 1969
20.Pittsburgh Pirates 1882
21.Philadelphia Phillies 1883
22.Atlanta Braves 1871
23.West Arizona Diamondbacks 1998
24.Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati 1890
25.Minnesota Twins 1901
26.San Francisco Giants 1883
27.Chicago White Sox 1901
28.Colorado Rockies 1993
29.Oakland Athletics 1901
30.East Baltimore Orioles 1901
Timestamp: 2010-11-01 00:09:19 UTC

rerandom to include usa
There were 31 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1.Minnesota Twins 1901
2.East Baltimore Orioles 1901
3.St. Louis Cardinals 1882
4.Tampa Bay Rays 1998
5.Toronto Blue Jays 1977
6.West Arizona Diamondbacks 1998
7.Cleveland Indians 1901
8.Oakland Athletics 1901
9.Seattle Mariners 1977
10.San Diego Padres 1969
11.Atlanta Braves 1871
12.Philadelphia Phillies 1883
13.Chicago Cubs 1870
14.Los Angeles Dodgers 1890
15.Detroit Tigers Detroit 1901
17.Chicago White Sox 1901
18.Kansas City Royals 1969
19.Colorado Rockies 1993
20.Washington Nationals 1969
21.Florida Marlins 1993
22.Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati 1890
23.San Francisco Giants 1883
24.Milwaukee Brewers 1969
25.Texas Rangers 1961
26.New York Yankees 1901
27.Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961
28.Boston Red Sox 1901
29.Houston Astros 1962
30.Pittsburgh Pirates 1882
31.New York Mets 1962
Timestamp: 2010-11-01 00:21:40 UTC

There were 30 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Shane (paid) - Falcons
2. Shane (paid) - Bears
3. Fieldlevelview (paid) - Texans
4. Arfmax (paid) - Lions
5. HEB (paid) - Patriots
6. HEB (paid) - Panthers
7. Rich R (paid) - Dolphins
8. Rich R (paid) - Jets
9. Kurt V (paid) - Steelers
10. popstartled (paid) - Titans
11. Ric K (paid) - Raiders
12. Ric K (paid) - Cards
13. Derek (paid) - Broncos
14. Bobby (paid) - Eagles
15. Bobby (paid) - 49ers
16. Bobby (paid) - Redskins
17. Rick K (paid) - Seahawks
18. Red Bird (paid) - Cowboys
19. Red Bird (paid) - Jags
20. Red Bird (paid) - Rams
21. Red Bird (paid) - Bucs
22. Rich R (paid) - Chargers
23. Rich R (paid) - Bills
24. CS - Packers
25. Bobby (paid) - Saints
26. Bobby (paid) - Chiefs
27. Rich R (paid) - Browns
28. PhaLe28 - Giants (paid)
29. Rich R (paid) - Bengals
30. pcarrillo04 (paid) - Ravens
31. pcarrillo04 (paid) - Vikings
32. Kurt V (paid) - Colts

There were 32 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1.Green Bay Packers
2.Chicago Bears
3.Detroit Lions
4.Houston Texans
5.New England Patriots
6.Carolina Panthers
7.Miami Dolphins
8.New York Jets
9.Pittsburgh Steelers
10.Tennessee Titans
11.Oakland Raiders
12.Arizona Cardinals
13.Denver Broncos
14.Philadelphia Eagles
15.San Francisco 49ers
16.Washington Redskins
17.Seattle Seahawks
18.Dallas Cowboys
19.Jacksonville Jaguars
20.St. Louis Rams
21.Tampa Bay Buccaneers
22.San Diego Chargers
23.Buffalo Bills
24.Atlanta Falcons
25.New Orleans Saints
26.Kansas City Chiefs
27.Cleveland Browns
28.New York Giants
29.Cincinnati Bengals
30.Baltimore Ravens
31.Minnesota Vikings
32.Indianapolis Colts
Timestamp: 2010-11-01 00:08:31 UTC


fieldlevelview said...

I want the Astros and the Texans.

Grand Cards said...

Dennis, I would love to trade you for the Tigers--are you interested in the Yankees or the White Sox?

Bobby said...

Interested in trading for the Panthers, let me know if you are interested in any of the 5 ive got HEB.

Dan said...

i don't think many people are a fan of the teams I drew (Royals, Rockies). Would love to trade one of my teams for the Phillies, Dbacks, Rays as first preference. Others will be considered. (Seriously, someone must like these teams....)

stusigpi said...

Email from HEB


Will you ask Dan if he will go A's for Rocks?


stusigpi said...

rom Sixty Feet Six Inches on Topps Chrome Baseball and Football Group Break Randomizer # [Pending]
Rangers are up for trade for sure. Dennis (Tigers) and Pop Startled (Braves), I'm looking at you!

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From king felix on Topps Chrome Baseball and Football Group Break Randomizer # [Pending]
HEB: Marlin's for Mariners?


anyone want the falcons??

arfmax said...

FieldLevelView-I will trade the Houston Texans for your Detroit Lions. Let me know



Falcons for any team!

Anonymous said...

C. Schwartz. Take the Bears or Green Bay. Your choice for the Falcons if you want to. Not much there but if you hate the Falcons that bad I'll deal.

PhaLe28 said...

with the trade deadline one day away, trade offers should start pouring in; wonder if there will be any teams available to claim off of waivers? : )

SIXTYfeetSIXinches said...

Rangers are still up for trade in the baseball break.

fieldlevelview said...


I accept the trade. I still need to trade for the Astros!



THanks for the trade offer. I'll take the Pack attack. Looks like we fell short on the chance at any rookies.

fieldlevelview said...

Play at the Plate, any chance I can get the Astros?

Grand Cards said...

The Tigers, the Tigers, my kingdom for the Tigers. Dennis (who may or may not read the comments), anything I can do to make a trade happen?

Anonymous said...

Ok then Packers for the Falcons. Commish we have a trade.

Yes we fell very short of obtaining rookie gold. In fact I had to look up this past draft because I couldn't remember who the hell the Bears drafted. Low and behold their first pick this year was in the 3rd round!!! Oh well at least its the NFC North where my Lions play. Thanks for the trade.

Play at the Plate said...

FieldLevel, I'm not interested in the Padres, but maybe we can swing a three way deal with PhaLe28...you get the Astros, he gets the Padres, I get the Red Sox from him. If he agrees, then I'm good with that. I think PhaLe likes the Padres if I read his profile correctly.

fieldlevelview said...

I'm good if he is.