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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Topps Heritage Preview Pics - I like it

1987 Topps was one of my favorite sets when it came out and I knew about the 62 Topps set.  This might be my favorite heritage set yet.  I just never bought the earlier version.  Remember, I am not a Heritage fan.

I like the Chrome mockup

Didn't I make this card?

I really like the Kodachrome style photos.  Just a bit grainy

I wish these cards had a signing area.  I don't like how the auto fails to contrast against the photo.

These autos witht he signing area and the different wood grain look great.

Another good card

Are you kidding me?  Fantastic.  Too bad they don't make like 200 of these.



Wrigley Wax said...

You're right, those do look very nice. That Banks/Castro card has me drooling!

MattR said...

I like that Robinson card. I wonder if there is a Feller card as well.

laf said...

need that banks card... If one comes up on the bay, I am probably going to upset my wife with that purchase... better start saving now!

WOW! it looks great!

Some of the cards good, some are iffy, nothing bad

Play at the Plate said...

I really wasn't expecting much from this set, but I like what I see for the most part. I guess I'll be seeing pack searchers with metal detectors looking for those coin cards.