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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010-11 Limited Basketball Box Review - Sponsored by Panini

These run about $80 a box and was sent to me by the Panini people. No mystery of the collation. You basically get the hits from a full box in a single pack. Every card is numbered as far as I can tell.

Quality Control was good and the cards do seem higher quality than they did in the past few years. I think Panini has decided that not spending a few extra bucks on quality was costing them a lot more money in the long run.

Base Parallel things:
These cards are the same as they have been in the Limited product line. You know what you are getting with these. I have no problem with these cards and how often do you have a chance to get a Kelly Tripucka?

Here is where my issue is with this product. Every tangible product has a cost to it and every dollar counts both on the cost side and the retail MSRP side. Bear with me.

Although I appreciate getting a jersey card of a star like Vince Carter, this product can do without the extra cost of a plain jersey. In other words make the collation 1 auto and either 1 patch, 1 auto, or 1 patch auto and then 4-5 other cards. I would rather Panini put the money into more quality autos or patches than a plain jersey for the sake of hit count especially in a single pack product. Having said that, here they are:
Vince Carter /99
Rookie Jersey/auto
and a redemption:
The redemption is Material Phenoms RC Card #186 Keith "Tiny" Gallon /249

2 out of 5 Joes recommend this product if they also collect Football and Hockey. But 3 out of 5 Joes recommend it when they just collect Basketball. A fourth Joe was leaning toward buying it.

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