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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010-11 Score Hockey Review - Sponsored by Panini

You know the drill, Panini sends me boxes (which is so so cool by the way) and I break them on video, review them and post them on my blog.  When I feel spunky I give the cards away.

Up today is 2010 Score Hockey.  If you are looking for a hit product, this isn't it.  Score Hockey is a set collectors set at a cheap price.  Runs about $28 a box if you look around.  Before I get in to the review, here is the preview I did some time back before Panini was sending me boxes.  The thought of getting a buy back auto excited me especially since I bought a ton of the original score hockey.  Lets get to it.

Base Cards:  The photography is great and true to the original.

Inserts: I am not a huge fan of the inserts, but these are classic score and for you hockey fans out there I don't see how you can't like them.

One per box snow globe
and the 20th anniversary

Rookies: These are to me what the product is all about. The rookies are 1 in 2 packs, cool design and would seem to me to have some decent value if you pull the right guy.
One thing Score does is a 1 per pack glossy version of every card. I decided to show you the glossy rookies. Hold the cards to the light to see the gloss.

So that's the box. I didn't pull an auto, but for $30 not a bad break for a hockey fan set collector guy. Seems it would take a few boxes to make the set. What I would recommend if you were so inclined to pick these up is to buy 3-5 boxes at one time out of one case. Your chances of getting an auto are greatly increased.

3 out of 5 Joes recommend this product 4 out of 5 Hockey collecting Joes recommend this product and 5 out of 5 Hockey Set collecting Joes recommend this product


cynicalbuddha said...

Have to say that Panini does low end great. I think their best football product this year has been Score as well and I love the original logo and landscaped cards and those snowglobe cards are pretty sweet.

PhaLe28 said...

i like the goalie cards the best, the overhead pics captures it all.