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Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 Panini Certified Football - Sponsored by Panini

On to the Certified Football.  Panini has really stepped up their game and at this point Certfied is their best product out there.  We will wait to see about Limited Football, but Certified Hockey and Certified Football are at the top. So when I opened the box the other night and Certified Football was in there I was stoked.

Base/Rookies/Parallel: The base cards are much nicer this year.  They don't have that same foil board feel as years past and the photos look more like game shots.  Collation was good and quality was good with no noticed damage.
Inserts:  The Best is /50 and is a really nice and the parallels have a solid feel to them.

On to the hits:  I have looked around to see what boxes are looking like and there are many boxes that have 5-6 hits with a ton of HOF jerseys/patches and autos:
Obligatory single color Jersey of Carson Palmer /250
CJ Spiller Rookie Jersey: /250
Rookie Auto: /50
Rookie Auto/dual jersey/599
In the first pack I opened: Dual Patch.  Who are these guys? 25/25

These run $76 a box and mine would certainly have been worth it in my opinion. With 10 packs per box and 4-5 hits, if you buy 4 packs from a freshly opened box at your shop you have a good shot at getting 3 hits. If every Panini product was 10 packs, that would be cool. That's the reason I like the product. With SPA you can buy 5 packs and get nothing but base cards. Not going to happen here.

So I surveyed the Joes on Certified and 4 out of 5 Joes are buying this with the fifth refusing on sticker auto grounds. However, when I surveyed the Janes, the Janes were unanimous and 5 out of 5 are buying Certified.


PhaLe28 said...

Those certified potential cards look amazing; it is funny how rivers and manning are on the same card, seeing how they were swapped during the draft.

BA Benny said...

A real nice looking box. The cards look great. I would be interested in any Jets, Saints, and Giants you may want to trade. If you are interested shoot me an e-mail.